To think is the nature of the mind. The mind will continue to show you good and bad thoughts. When the thought is normal we are at peace. But when our thoughts go beyond a certain point, this is when we experience emotions like agitation, stress or confusion.  

This is similar to a train track. When a train (our mind) is running normally on a track (our thoughts), it is in a steady flow and there is no disruption. However, if the train were to suffer from some sort of internal engineering failure, (when our thoughts go beyond a certain point) it will derail and could even kill thousands of passengers. Similarly, if we have balanced thoughts, then we will feel calm and experience stillness. Conversely, if we lose control over our thoughts, then we could cause pain and suffering to ourselves! 

It is because when thoughts go beyond normality, you move from being in motion (through normal flow of thoughts) to being emotional (emotional thoughts). As a result, you become consumed with negative thoughts and you experience confusion, fear, and depression. 

How can we keep control of our emotional thoughts so that we can live a simple straightforward life without losing control and becoming depressed? 

  • Talk to yourself. Take a deep breath. Ask yourself if being emotional makes you happy or sad? What effects do such emotions have on your health? Once you recognize the adverse effects of being emotional, you will be able to better deal with the situations that come your way.
  • Alter your train of thoughts. If your present state of mind is making you emotional, then divert your mind towards other things that breaks the chain of emotional thoughts.
  • Do something different – get some fresh air, go for a walk, or engage into something that can calm you down and bring you stability.
  • Stop self-negativity. Whenever your mind is caught up in negative and depressive thoughts regarding your own self, actively replace them with some positive food of thought and dwell deeper into it instead.
  • Identify the damaging emotions early on. Emotions like jealousy, envy, and competitiveness reinforce emotional behavior. Therefore, recognize these emotions that cause emotional stress within you and be conscious of their harmful attributes.
  • Meditate, Read Religious books, Pray, Chant mantra. When you think you are on the verge of becoming emotional, focus your mind on a higher purpose of spirituality. Pray, meditate or chant mantras. Ask the Lord to help you to overcome these negative thoughts. You will become calm and still from within. 
  • Communicate with others. Talk to your close ones and tell them how you are feeling. By opening up, you lessen the burden of emotional thoughts. When you talk things through with someone, you will feel lighter and gain a fresher perspective on things. 
  • Decide for your good. Remember you have a choice whether to agree with what your mind is showing you. You can decide if the thought is of benefit or not, and accordingly accept or disagree with it early on! 

The emotional state of the mind can be extremely damaging and dangerous. Therefore, be vigilant of your thoughts and do all you can to alter the way you are feeling. Do not allow the mind to linger on matters which will cause you to become emotional, unbalanced, or depressed. If ever you find yourself losing control, reach out for help and support.

Attaining Self Realization sets you free from the effects of the mind!

Self-realisation provides keys and solutions which can calm or still our mind with the correct understanding. Akram Vignan (Spiritual Science) exposes you to the knowledge of the Self. Thereafter you are able to maintain separation with your thoughts. Through this knowledge, you will know and see each thought separately, but not experience the effects of it. Knowledge of the Self frees you forever from the effects of the mind.