How limited is the period in which you wish to get enlightened?

One hour would do?! Am sure you could not have asked for less than this. 

‘But is that possible?’ is what is going on in your mind, right? 

Yes, it is possible! We are very fortunate to have been born in an era when Self-Realization has been made possible for just everybody, whoever has the desire for it, and that too in just less than an hour. 

How is that possible?? is what most would wonder…

It is possible through one of the most scientific processes, which can be conducted only by the Enlightened One. 

Just like a lit candle can light another candle in no time; it’s only the presence of both that is required together; similarly, an Enlightened One i.e. One who has attained Self-Realization and has the divine spiritual powers to help others attain the same, can enlighten our Soul in precisely 48 minutes only.

This process of attaining Self-Realization is called Gnanvidhi!

Gnanvidhi is totally hassle-free and is completely free of cost too. 

In Gnanvidhi, we get the knowledge of really ‘who am I?’ 

We get the right understanding that, “really I am not John (please insert your name here); I am a Pure Soul.” 

In Gnanvidhi, our wrong belief gets fractured and the right belief sets in automatically regarding, “who am I, what are my properties, what are my qualities, how I am separate from mind-speech and body, what is my function, how to keep awareness of Pure Soul in this body’. 

Gnani, the Enlightened One, explains: 

“By wrong belief, you feel oneness with John, his mind, thoughts, intellect, speech and behaviour. Whenever John makes a decision, you feel, ‘I have made a decision.’ If somebody insults John, you feel ‘I suffered due to this insult.’ So, your belief is wrong. And due to wrong belief, you are involved in John. 

Now, after Self-Realization (attained through Gnanvidhi), Gnani changes your wrong belief to the right belief.

Thereafter by maintaining the right belief, you keep separation with John. This is the beginning of the experience of the Soul. Say, it is 1 degree (percent) of experience; and we have to reach 100 degrees (percent). 

But slowly, if you practice the principles given by Gnani, your awareness will increase and you will get more and more experience of the Pure Soul.

Sometimes, when John becomes angry with somebody, you can watch that “Oh, it is with John. It is wrong.” 

When you find out mistakes of John, at that time, you are a Pure Soul. And you can see everybody innocent – it is called a ‘flawless vision’. If somebody has made any mistake, the root cause of that mistake is John only. John had made a mistake in the past. That is why he is suffering for that mistake. And others are just one of the evidences for giving the result of that mistake. 

But throughout, due to Self-Realization, your awareness is maintained that, ‘I am not John, I am a Pure Soul.’