How Do I Shape My Career

Many of us might have often heard the term “You become what you think of” and its eventually true as well, because everything you do in your career it shapes who and where you are. Every experience you have shapes your worldview.

The question you need keep asking yourself is: What are you today in your career that is shaping your future? Are you acquiring the right skills & knowledge of your interest in order to be masters in the future?

Your mindset is the most powerful tool and it has to build up in a way how you want your career to look like in the future. Building you mindset is you are taking in experience and learning from them.

I still remember when I used to work in a BPO during my summer breaks in college, I was always curious how the BPO business is function in India and how do you target those clients who is ready to outsource their businesses. Which eventually led me start my Sales profession right after my college and have been helping companies to secure most value out of their Technologies Investment.

We should also remember that life is uncertain, and nothing works according to the plan, so build your mindset to roll with the changes. I have also seen people taking up any job based on the salary & brand, but not considering how this job will shape my career.

The time you start your career, make enough mistakes till you turned 30. Keep innovating, learning from your mistakes and by time you hit your 40’s you should only be doing what you are good at, because there is very less probability in success when you try to do new things from the scratch.

Always look for a mentor whom you can idolize and support you while shaping your career. Look out the characteristic you want to build and the mentor who have them. Observe them closely. How do they embody the characteristics you want? Try channeling their energy when you need to draw on that strength. 

I always keep mentioning in my blogs & whenever I speak with some that, always keep a reading habit because the person you will be in the next five years is based on the books that you read and the people that you hang out with.

So, What are you doing to shape your career? I’d love to hear you in the comments.