I won’t lie about this… I procrastinate, too! No one is perfect and sometimes things happen. Maybe for you, it is a deadline at work, school, or something you planned for a family function. I used to procrastinate often. Today, I strive to follow these 4 tips. I’m not perfect at them – but like you, I am learning what works.

Schedule out your day: Every day when I wake up, I make a plan for the day ahead. It’s a list, a short one with a time frame. And although I like to go with the flow of things, sometimes the planner is needed. For example: If my goal is to write 1,000 words today, my planner will have an hour blocked in for it. I get it – I know what you are thinking… I don’t have the time to block out an hour. What time do you have? How important is this goal to you?

Disconnect from your phone: Unplugging can be a challenge, especially if your job or schooling requires access to the internet. (Let’s face it, most things do). But if you’re like me, Instagram and Facebook can be a HUGE distraction. So, to get things done, I turn everything off. This allows me to focus on the task ahead and stick to that schedule.

Focus on what matters: First, ask yourself this question. Does this matter now? Or does this matter most? For example: If my goal is to work out daily, but I would rather sit down and watch an episode of Friends on Netflix… What should I choose? I know the choice is up to me. 

Reward Yourself: Please don’t forget to reward yourself. If you accomplished what you were meant to, high five yourself and be proud. Take some time to acknowledge how far you have come. With this said, make sure you are giving yourself grace, too. If you don’t cross off every item on your to-do list today, that is okay.