Healthy Habits
Health is your greatest wealth and we all want to live better and longer. But it is not easy to break off those bad habits. Maybe you have tried your best to quit smoking, waking up early in the morning, and getting exercise. It is one thing to try and a completely different thing to achieve your goals. While it may be a frustrating experience, there certainly are proven ways to align your lifestyle.

In this guide, we have got some great tips for you that you can implement in your daily life and see the difference. Remember, small right steps eventually lead you towards your goal.

Drinking Water

Water Is Life

All organic life sustains on water. There is so much that can be said on the benefits of drinking more water. How much water do you drink each day? Add in one more glass to your daily intake and then see the difference. There are so many benefits of drinking water. For starters, it lubricates your joint and keeps your body temperature normal. The more water you drink the more waste your body can eliminate. You will have more sweat which will spread all the essential oils on the skin. Similarly, it is also good for your insides. It strengthens the muscles, prevents any tissues from getting damaged, cures damaged nerves, and keeps your overall body working in a good condition. Remember that almost 75 percent of your body is water. It is your most essential fuel. Drink lots of water each day to stay active and strong.

Skip Soda

Skip Soda

We get that coke is hard to avoid. But should you just use diet soda then? Your brain reacts the same to artificial sweeteners as it does to sugar. If you are addicted to that fizz, switch to carbonated water instead. Many good brands make carbonated water. The problem with soda is that it induces a false sense of hunger which we know as cravings. That is why drinking soda can put you at a higher risk of gaining more weight. If you don’t like carbonated water, drink tea. In fact drinking, warm tea is much more beneficial than plain water. It soothes your nervous system and is extremely beneficial for gut health. Tea also helps you in burning a lot of calories. So you might want to skip soda altogether to have a thin waistline.

daily walk

Spare Some Time for a Walk

A daily ten-minute walk can do wonders for you. It is beneficial for your heart and improves your mood as well. But how can you make it as a part of your daily life? We know getting up while you are busy with something just to take a stroll is not exactly that exciting. So don’t make it an exclusive thing that you have to do separately. Make it a part of your life. So next time, don’t be afraid to walk a block away to get some eggs. Skip your car and make an errand on foot. If possible, walk to work. If you use a car, find the farthest parking spot from your workplace. These small changes in your life can help you in walking more without having to procrastinate.

sitting posture

Always Sit In the Correct Posture

You should have listened to your parents when you were young. Remember all that scolding you got when you were sitting in a bad posture? Turned out, it was for a good reason. Having a bad posture can result in a wide range of problems. From a twisted spine to a disc slip, all problems are mostly caused by sitting consistently in a bad posture. Having a good posture relieves the unnecessary strain on your spine and ligaments. A good posture also cures fatigue, promotes more blood flow to your brain and keeps you more alert. It also keeps muscle sprains at an arm’s length.

So, how to do that? A bad posture is difficult to correct after years of malpractice. Even if you start in a good posture, you unconsciously slip away into a bad one. There are some very simple ways to correct your posture. If you are working at your desk, leave a sticky note right in front of you to remind you of your posture. Keep on doing that until it becomes a habit. While it may not be something that you can achieve in a couple of days, it does have a good impact on your overall health slowly.

Deep sleep

Have a Solid Sleep

Always have a solid 7 to 9-hour sleep. Although it doesn’t have to be consecutive, it is always better if you sleep straight for at least 7 hours. If you are sleeping like that, you have good heart health. Having enough sleep gives more energy and promotes metabolism which in turn improves many things in your body. If you are not sleeping enough, your body reduces your appetite as it secretes lesser hormones. This can lead to obesity and heart conditions. So if you are having trouble sleeping, you are likely having a problem from the outside than inside. Turn off Netflix, switch off all your gadgets and try to get to sleep one hour earlier than you would. A pro tip: Start reading a book and you will fall asleep in a snap.

Daily Exercise

Add Useful Exercises to Your Daily Routine

Exercises don’t have to be super demanding. They can be as simple as lifting one leg, doing sit-ups or running with your dog for a while. Lifting your leg can help in increasing your balance and mobility. It is a physical as well as a neuromotor exercise. Incorporate such small exercises in your daily life and you will notice that you are feeling good.


Breakfast Is Important

A good breakfast is essential to start a great day. In fact, it is the most important meal of your day. Skipping breakfast can make you lethargic for the whole day. Eating a healthy breakfast helps in many ways. It reduces brain fog, keeps you alert, increases your reflexes and lowers the risk of many diseases.

Always add rich fibres to your diet to aid in digestion. Try different breakfast on different days if you get bored of one. Don’t want cereal? No problem, mash some eggs. Add in some herbs, cheese and your favourite sauce with your choice of protein and make an omelette. Have whole-grain pita? Make a burrito out of it. Treat yourself with your breakfast. You can also try and add Vitamin C supplements to your breakfast to boost your immune system. Try these top 10 Vitamin C supplements.


Health doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve. You can incorporate some very simple daily habits in your life to get the best out of your life. Follow these tips and you feel great every day all year long.