find your passion

I can’t always say I have had a passion.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been times where maybe a sport, new job or even a new girlfriend made me temporarily passionate… but it was always short lived.

In college, it was having fun and doing good in school.  After college, it was focusing on my career and coaching athletes.

When that got boring I decided that being in athletic administration would be new passion, but after just two years I was bored with that. I asked myself, “What are you passionate about?”

…. And the answer was just crickets. It was at age 28 I realized I didn’t’ have a passion or purpose.

Why You Need a Passion

To drift: to wander aimlessly.

That is most people, most days, most of their lives. According to a Deloitte study, only 13% of employees felt “Passionate” about their job.

In other words, it is safe to say that a large number of adults have not identified their passion, or found their purpose.

So instead of pursuing a passion, a cause, and a purpose, they drift through life.

Most days are left largely unplanned, becoming more routine by the week. One month quickly becomes one year and one year quickly becomes ten years and in a blink of an eye, 10 years just disappeared.

So if the mundane has got you down, it might be time to find a passion. Here is what having a passion can do:

  1. Life is too short to be boring
  2. You’ll be fulfilled
  3. Your happiness will increase
  4. You will feel motivated
  5. Typically passions involve helping others
  6. You will probably make money in the process to do things you enjoy
  7. The world has enough people without a passion already!

How to identify your passion 101.

As I alluded to in the beginning of this article, I struggled to find my passion from age 18-28. I didn’t know what I wanted so I went with the flow of life and just bounced around doing things I thought I enjoyed.

Truth be told my focus changed every two years because I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Then something changed.

I realized I needed to take some action – which for me meant being an entrepreneur. Helping others, starting my first blog, problem-solving and dealing with challenges – all characteristics of entrepreneurs – was what I was searching for.

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Truth be told I love it, it is something I am passionate about and I wake up most mornings inspired. That being said, it isn’t always easy, but it is worth it!

Here is how to identify your passion.

  1. Brainstorm a huge list of hobbies, activities, jobs, and things you like. Then narrow it down to a top 10, then top 5.
  2. Create a list of people you admire and list WHY you admire them
  3. Do some simple research on your top 5 list, exploring ideas, groups, clubs, careers that may align with what you enjoy
  4. Start taking action & don’t give up!

Let’s just say you identify running as a top 5, you admire someone because they’re fit and you realize there is a local running club nearby. Join the running club.

As you get more involved with the running club you might decide you want to start your own to support a cause. You decide that your cause is to help people who struggle with addiction and you figure running can be a positive outlet.

And before you know it, the hobby you once had… is now a full-fledged passion that is impacting others.

Just remember, the smallest impact is still an impact. Whether you find a passion that influences millions, or maybe just a friend… you were able to accomplish something.

And that is what having a passion is all about!