These are without a doubt the most challenging times in human history.

There is a lot of uncertainty with the COVID -19 situation.

People are losing their jobs, businesses, family members and so on..

I am not going to say that “things will be fine” and just give some random advice!

Instead of this, I am going to give you a framework that has helped me get through bad times

1. If you are hurting – Accept it!

Remember that life is full of ups and downs. More often than not, the things that define you are those that you do when you are on a low. So feel your feelings and that might mean that you can cry and this is absolutely fine. There is nothing wrong with it.

2. Do not feel/act like a victim

This is probably the best mindset tip that I can give you . The sooner you assume responsibilities of your own emotions and change your persoective towards things, the better you will feel. This also give you a rough sense of direction which then keeps you motivated. Keep the mantra in mind “Nothing happen to you, but everything happens for you”

3. Limit social media

This is a tough one. Each social platform wants us to be on it forever. Needless to say, they keep on feeding us one thing after other by studying our behavior. This is a sure-shot way to make us spend hours on their platform. And as you might have noticed that 80 – 90% news are either negative or fake people trying to show off how rich they are or then politics. This takes from us the single most asset that is limited in our life – TIME! Make sure to remove social media from your phone or literally use alarms and limit your time so you stay on track. You want to do everything possible to make sure to get the quick wins.

4. Start winning each hour

When you decide to get out of the rut, do not plan too much in advance. Have a rough goal and make a plan on winning each hour in a day! How do you do this? Have a calendar with hourly tasks and stick to it no matter what happens. If you keep on doing this daily, you will win days then weeks and years and in no matter of time, you will have the fortitude and the grit with extreme boundaries because you will have set standards for yourself and you will not accept any less!

5. Choose your circle wisely

You might have heard the saying “You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with”. This is so true and especially if you are the least successful in that group, it’s a blessing! You beliefs will change because the bar is so high. Ideally high level mastermind gives you this possibility but if paying for this is not possible then you can potentially work for these people for free just to soak their knowledge, mindset, work ethic, etc.

6. Put yourself out there

Reach out to 5 people each day over email, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and any other social media you use and start building relationships. Apply to be on podcasts and talk to the PR people and ask them if you can help them in anyway. Lastly, keep on learning new skills to be on par with the latest technology or software, skills, etc.

7. Take extreme care of your mental and physical health

Remember that the external world is the cause of what happens inside you! If your mind, body, and soul are healthy, then you will achieve a balance. Reading books, journaling, meditation and exercising when added to your daily routine can do wonders for your overall well-being.

All the above 6 steps are generic but they give you a framework of what needs to be done to get out of the rut!

Apply these principles consistently and you will be a force in your personal and professional life

I hope you apply them and start living the life you deserve and that your future self will thank you for!