Is it time for what?? Time to begin a new career path? Time to make your life first and not someone else’s?

The best way to tell is that you have no love for what you are doing currently. Your body is in pain and there is no Joy in your current position.

I’ve heard that because of the current situation in our world, that a lot of people are realizing that it’s given them time to reflect. Reflect on what has value for them. Reflect on their current situation.

All of us have a divine right to be wealthy. To have Joy. To have Peace and Love in our lives. Some people think it’s a negative thing to be happy, wealthy, and love life. This doesn’t mean there are challenges. It just means that we “climb every mountain” until we reach our “dreams”. If you are loving what you are doing, it makes the path so enjoyable…no matter what is going on.

Greatness lies within. Always. We are all geniuses with a special gift to share in the world. What’s yours?

A.C. Biedermann