It’s our Destiny, No one Else has the Power to Make it or Spoil It

Even if someone is genuinely wanting to see us fail, nothing happens by that person’s wish. Whatever comes to us, comes according to our destiny. And our destiny is formed by ‘our’ thoughts and feelings, and not any other person’s! Our destiny doesn’t depend upon whether the other person is a positive or a negative person, it depends solely on whether our thoughts, intentions and feelings in a given situation are positive or negative. If we harbur ill-thoughts and ill-feelings towards any person, we are destined to fail. Such precise are the laws of Nature!

There Is Happiness in Positivity and Sheer Unhappiness in Negativity 

The teachings of Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan suggest:

Stay Positive

We all may have experienced this in our life that there is so much of happiness in positivity and sheer unhappiness in negativity. So we must always want to, or have a strong intent to, stay positive. 

See Positive

We can stay positive only when we see everything positively; seeing negative gives nothing but sadness and sorrow. So, suppose sometimes, we happen to know that some person does not feel very positive for us, we should immediately set some positive thinking internally in order to overcome the negativity, before it grows within us.

Speak Positive

We should always engage in positive discussions, never say negative as negative only leads to waste of time and energy, further it propels confusion and prevents us from being happy. Our dictionary should be void of all negatives.

There’s Plenty We Can Learn from the Inspiring Life-stories of the Enlightened Souls

Lord Rama’s coronation was to happen the next morning. But when King Dashrath, owing to the vows given to his Queen Kaikeyi, calls him and unwillingly gives him the orders to leave for fourteen years of exile, Lord Rama did not allow a single negative thought to crop in his mind. Not even for a moment, he held anyone guilty of playing any kind of a secret plot; nor for a second, he expressed any hesitation in obeying his father’s orders. He knew well that it was his own destiny, and hence embraced it very lovingly, without any kind of ill-feeling towards anyone. This is how he stayed focussed on his immediate goal of obeying his father’s order, as well as his long term and ultimate goal of going to Moksha (salvation) in that very birth; and achieved both the goals successfully.

Similarly in case of Pandavas too, as narrated in the epic of Mahabharat, inspite of being blessed with unmatched valour, unparallel virtues and being born as Princes in one of the most reputed royal families of those times, they were forced to spend most of their youth in jungle, wandering around for food and shelter, owing to repeated injustices done by their own family members, desperately wanting them to fail. Yet, under the guiding spiritual light of Lord Krishna, the five brothers always remained positively focussed on their immediate goal of fulfilling their social and royal duties in a just and amicable manner, and they also attained ultimate liberation, their final goal, in that very birth!

Lord Mahavir was a Tirthankar. Tirthankar is the highest state one can attain in this world! Yet, not only human beings, but even celestial beings eagerly wanted him to fail. They tried all their celestial powers to harass the Lord. But not an iota of negativity Lord Mahavir had towards anyone. He remained steadfast and was happily riveted to his goal alone. Seeing such exceptional meditation of one’s goal, the celestial beings together conferred upon him the title of ‘Mahavir’, meaning the strongest of the strongs! He attained liberation and helped lakhs of people attain ultimate liberation too!

Jesus Christ too, as we all know, was ultimately nailed by people around, but he, until his last breath, continued to forgive everyone with absolute love! 

There are many more examples of this sort, which very vividly suggest how infinite strength to surpass the negativity of the highest order lies within each one of us already. If we do not allow this strength to be ruined, or even obstructed, with our negative attitude, we can stay focussed and achieve our goal with the help of this very strength, very easily and calmly.

What does the knowledge of the Enlightened Ones say?

A Vitraag (the Enlightened Lord) doesn’t count losses, rather His vision is always on the profit that remains.  Vitraags’ vision views that which one has, not what one doesn’t have.

When someone loses one leg, the Gnan of the Vitraags says, “You still have one leg. If someone gives you a helping hand, you will be able to walk on one leg too.” This means all these years, a lot of our wealth has remained intact – we have eyes, nose, ears, healthy hands and legs, everything. This is what the Vitraags see!

As We Imagine, So Will We Be

When we say, “My health is good” then even if we are sick, we will start feeling better. But if we say, “I am not feeling well,” we shall start feeling even worse. We become whatever we imagine ourselves to be! 

Therefore, we should always say, “I will certainly achieve my goal. Nothing can deviate or defocus me. I am happy with the people around me; after all everyone is good. I am contented with all that I have. It is enough to help me reach my goal.”

For others, we can and we should pray!

People around us may be on a wrong path. They may even be eagerly wanting us to fail secretly. But by seeing them as negative people, we are not helping them or doing their good in any way. On the contrary, if we treat them with love and pray to God to give them correct understanding and steer them on the right path, in course of time, it will definitely bring about a good, positive solution.