We all have them, don’t we?  

They’re the words that define us; they’re our thoughts.  And what do our feelings and emotions stem from?  Our thoughts.  Our ideas about ourselves and others. Our thoughts affect the way we view life and how we respond to various situations.

What are your thoughts? What are the main themes playing over and over in your mind? What do you tell yourself every moment of your life as you go? Success and failure seem like polar opposite words at a glance. Success is typically seen as a good experience, and failure is seen as a negative experience. What if I told you that they were equally good. They are mutually inclusive. You need “failure “to have true success. Let that sink in for a moment.

They’re both necessary. Success and failure can’t exist independently of each other.  There needs to be a balance. Success without failure is meaningless.   When done with any plan or goal in mind, success will ALWAYS have an opposite because plans and goals are often unachievable. Success cannot occur without failures.  If there were no failures, then the success would be meaningless as well.

But what about the mental health aspect? How does that factor into this equation? Well, you see, for a person to succeed at something, therefore, creating a “failure/success” dichotomy, they need firstly have an investment in what they are doing. Success is not achievable unless we care enough about the process more than the outcome. Again, let that sink in,

Success is not achievable unless we care enough about the process more than the outcome. Success does not have to be close to our end goal. Success can happen at whatever point we are currently at in life. Success can happen in a flip of a coin toss. Success and failure are mutually inclusive.

What should this mean for us? Well, if you have invested yourself into something with no real tangible end goal, then when you do achieve smaller successes along the way, you might not recognize the wins. A mental framework, along with bite-sized goals, along the journey, will keep your spirits high. This framework will help you maintain balance within your mind by knowing that failures can occur even when you succeed. Once you embrace this truth, you, too, will become an unstoppable force.


  • Dr. Tomi Mitchell

    M.D | Leadership Coach| Wellness & Productivity Coach

    Dr. Tomi Mitchell Holistic Wellness Strategies

    Dr. Tomi Mitchell, MD, empowers executives, lawyers, doctors, business owners, and other leaders to eliminate burnout and increase workplace productivity and relationships.  She uses her three-step framework, Embrace, Evaluate & Energize, to empower her clients to have clarity. 

    As a public speaker and trainer, she brings energy to the crowd, captures their attention, and gives them clear, actionable steps to apply immediately to their life. Dr. Tomi Mitchell believes in getting to the root causes of life's challenges, instead of taking a temporary BandAid approach to life. She is a writer, with a book coming out in Summer 2023. She is also the host of The Mental Health & Wellness Show.  To learn more about her framework, check out the following link: Learn More.