Bringing People Together the Same Way Music Does

People love art the same easy they love music. Music gives inspiration to people, music allows people to express themselves and music allows people to dive into a world that might not be reality.

With Art, you can accomplish the same thing you’re able to bring people together through one piece or multiple pieces of art.
Simone defines himself as a 360°artist, and it is his story to speak for itself. A story marked by his passion for art which for a long time has run in parallel with his love for music.

And if there is an iconic garment in the look of music artists, that is no doubt the leather jacket, that is to say, the flagship garment of the Defiant Army brand. No matter if you play rock, pop, rap, or trap, the leather jacket always wins.

With Simone, he mentions how many people can see themselves through the art that you make and they feel themselves connecting with it on a deep level and that’s because of the emotional response that generates.

There’s the bark model which encompasses different ways that people learn. People love to learn with video audio, visuals, and kinesthetic. It really makes a difference when you showcase the way that people learn to learn.

With music people are expressing themselves and learning through audio but when it comes to art there is no audio in fact all it is is visual and other people connected that way so it’s important that art and music and everything else plays a huge role in how people express themselves and how they see themselves and that’s why it’s important and bring people together.

Expressing Oneself & Art Doesn’t Need an Explanation 

In the paragraph above we describe how it’s a way to express oneself. The crazy part is ours does not need to be explained once it is created it is now in the power of the beholder to determine whatever message that art piece is trying to convey.

Simone was saying that even though he creates art pieces and in his head, he has different inspiration for them and he has a different meaning to them the moment they touch someone else’s heart it now becomes theirs it now becomes what they believe to be true about the world and what they believe to be true about the reality.

If we were to explain every single piece of art not only would it diminish the value of a mystery that comes with it but it would also diminish one’s beliefs and thoughts when it comes to the specific pieces.

Art art that gets sold for $100,000 and art that is putting art museums his heart that does not need to be explained.