How does light affect human behavior

As we know  that a science have examined the effect of light intensity and color temperature on human mood and behavior.

It is often thought that the lack of light affects the state of the mind: it can lead to a condition called seasonal affection disorder or winter depression. However, recent studies conducted by US researchers show that positive and negative emotions can be sharpened with high light, while low light can spoil your mood. Contrary to popular belief, this research shows that people with depression actually become more depressed during sunny days.

Another similar correlation measures the effects of different colors of light on the mood and behavior of humans and how they can affect the body in various ways.

Researchers at have measured the effect on the brain of the blue and alternate light and have shown that the blue light stimulates and strengthens the relationship between brain regions involved in the emotions and language process. Blue light improves vigilance and mental performance and mainly affects the mind, including mood. Neurologist George Bernard told that after thousands of generations of hunter-gatherers, after coming into contact with the blue sky and in the light of day, we [A] species inhabit primarily internally.

Blue Light Can Make Us Feel More Energetic

Exposure of blue light during the day can give us some extra energy and make us more alert. A recent study found that participants were in contact with Short Wavelength, High Energy Blue Light, they were more productive: they were able to complete cognitive tasks more quickly, and more accurately than a control group From Blue light not only increased their vigilance during the risk, but for half an hour after exposure to blue light.

Researchers investigated how light can affect social interaction and communication, mood, health, satisfaction and rest, and attempts to clarify the effect of light in hospitals, shops etc.,  According to improves the well-being of patients, Reduces stress related to stress and anxiety. Hospital environment Light therapy that uses some colors, such as blue sky effect, is also used to overcome the stress generated by some protocols such as X-rays or scanners by providing a fun and comfortable environment for children.

The adequate lighting in the classroom plays an important role in promoting the visual comfort of students by facilitating their learning and concentration.

There are also applications in the field of marketing to influence consumer behavior in these correlations. Stores that sell emotionally productive products, such as jewelry and engagement rings, will emphasize the high level of light in the intensity of light to increase the intensity of the emotion.