When reading the title of this article, the first question you have may be “What is Tinder for couples?” Well, as all we know that Tinder is a well-known dating app for connecting like-minded singles. Then you can tell that Tinder for couples is a dating platform that works for married couples. “Why do couples use a dating app since they already have each other?” Let’s explore more information on this for you if you are hearing about this for the first time.

There is a kind of lifestyle for some married couples which is called swing lifestyle. People who enjoy this kind of lifestyle would usually have sex with others at the same time in the forms of swapping partners with other couples, or finding a third to have a threesome. Therefore, people who enjoy swing lifestyle would usually use something like Tinder for couples to find other singles or couples to join them for any sexual activities. “Having sex with others” may sound crazy for married couples and it may lead to the end of the marriage. However, this swing lifestyle is quite popular among a large portion of married couples. Let’s take a look at why it gets so popular and how it helps with people in their marriage.

Why do people seek dating even after married?

More than usual, you will hear the complain from the long married couples that marriage is boring and sex life comes to a routine after you have married for a long time. Things in everyday life make those married couples lost interest in each other, and unfortunately this happens to most of the couples. Actually, it’s nature that people would lose the passion with the same person after a few years of marriage in terms of sex drive. Thus some open minded people start to accept the idea of having sex with different people at the same time.

How do swing lifestyle help with their marriage?

Different from cheating that just one of the partners would have sex with others discreetly, swinging makes sure that both members in the relationship know about it and would enjoy sexual activities with others at the same time. In their minds, swinging adds more fun and excitement to their boring sex life and it actually helps maintain their relationship a lot.

People would like to swing not just because of the boredom of marriage. Different couples have different reasons to enjoy this lifestyle. For most couples, they do it because of the sexual boredom, but for others they may just be very curious and want to explore more aspects of their sexuality. No matter what reasons they have, swinging can “help a marriage as long as both partners are in agreement and have had open communication with each other.”, according to Dr. Chavez. Both partners know and enjoy the sexual activities is the precondition and this differentiate it a lot from cheating in marriage.

How do dating for couples help?

Then how do dating platform like tinder for couples help? Although swing lifestyle is widely accepted by a lot couples, but it would still be wired and hard for them to seek like-minded couples or curious singles on a mainstream dating site. With the help of a swinger dating site like swingers date club, they can meet people who enjoy the same lifestyle from all over the world.