Many working people dream of becoming their own boss someday. Not only will they be able to control how much money they make, but they also crave more time and location freedom. Even so, many people feel tied to the security of the conventional career path. 

Then there are others who take the leap of faith to forge their own path, despite societal expectations and norms. Ellen Yin,  the founder and podcast host of Cubicle to CEO™, is one of them.

Ellen is passionate about empowering female entrepreneurs to thrive financially and build impact-driven businesses, mentoring thousands of women on how to monetize their existing skills and knowledge into a service-based business and land their dream clients.

Breaking Free 

Although Ellen’s entrepreneurial spirit has always been evident, she didn’t leave her corporate job with the intention of establishing her own business.

In 2017, she joined the marketing team of a healthcare company but felt stifled by the lack of creativity in her role. Just 10 months later, she took a leap of faith and quit without a backup plan to seek more purpose-driven work.

One month after leaving the limitations of her corporate cubicle behind, Ellen landed her first freelance client and was inspired to pursue the opportunity to work for herself. From there, her seedling of a social media marketing agency, Ellen Yin Media, soon grew into multiple six-figure enterprises acclaimed for delivering effective, customized Instagram marketing services. By the age of 26, her business had generated more than one million dollars in revenue.

Today, the Asian American entrepreneur boasts an impressive client portfolio, including multi-million dollar brands, Fortune 500 executives, and best-selling authors. She has also worked with over 9,000 students in her online marketing and business courses and programs.

Highlighting Female Voices 

Currently, Ellen leads Cubicle to CEO™, a platform teaching service providers, coaches, and consultants how to simplify their marketing and use a step-by-step marketing system to attract consistent clients that don’t rely on having a large audience or posting every day. 

She also continues to make waves as a keynote speaker, thought leader, and advocate for financial transparency in her industry.

Ellen is also a strong believer in using her platform to highlight female voices in business and their stories through her award-winning Cubicle to CEO™ podcast. Always a champion for women’s financial empowerment, Ellen’s signature 12-month mentorship program is on a mission to help 500 women make their first $10,000 revenue month.

Exciting new projects are on the horizon for this marketing expert in the coming years, but regardless of the nature of her upcoming initiatives, Ellen’s focus remains on creating more accessible mentorship, networking, education, and support for women across the globe. 

Learn more about Ellen Yin by visiting her website, tuning into the Cubicle to CEO Podcast™, and checking out her Instagram and Facebook page.