When immigrating to the United States from Russia along with her family, Ellina Sukharenko was impressed by her parents’ determination. Although she was only four, their hard work and sacrifice sparked something within her that Ellina would carry throughout the rest of her life. ​“My parents were in their early 20s, with one suitcase each, knew little to no English, and in pursuit of the American dream,”​ she says. ​“They arrived and the hustle began with no time to waste. That’s where I learned my work ethic.”
As she grew up in the United States, Ellina began to develop her own passion for achieving the illustrious American Dream. She followed the typical path and began climbing the corporate ladder immediately after graduating college. She was well on her way towards earning her Masters degree, with a six-figure salary and thriving social life, when she realized that it wasn’t as fulfilling as she had hoped it would be. Ellina found herself in a life she created by default, not necessarily the life she wanted. She recalls, ​“I was ready to start designing a life I loved, but I had no idea where to start. That’s when I found meditation, and with the help of a few transformational practices I gained momentum and stepped into my power.”
Ellina moved from New Jersey to Miami in 2017, where she now runs a full-time private coaching practice. With a framework she created called ​Conscious Life Design, ​Ellina works with clients one-on-one, helping them reduce anxiety, increase confidence, and step into their self-worth. ​Conscious Life Design​ is a 12-week experience rooted in spiritual psychology, which focuses on redefining your values, state management, neuroplasticity, reparenting, and tapping into your authentic self. ​“I also created an online community for my clients called Pocket Yoda Social Club,”​ Ellina explains. ​“It has grown beyond my clientele into a conscious social network for members from all over the world.”
Motivated to help as many people as possible to experience the transformation she has, Ellina also founded OfficeFlow Consulting, LLC. to bring mindfulness practices and workshops to forward-thinking companies that recognize the importance of mental health and community in an era of isolation and globalization. She notes, ​“Towards the end of my corporate career I had done a lot of spiritual healing and realized I was operating under a lot of old programming that had me chasing things I wasn’t even sure I wanted. Something I loved most about leadership was helping people succeed. I took this and created my own business where I help people find their path through spiritual psychology, music, and community.”
She continues, ​“Challenges still enter my life, but I handle them consciously and with the utmost faith in my practice. My original business pivoted into a private coaching practice, where I take all of the tools I acquired in my journey and support others as they apply them to their unique journeys. My mental and physical health have never been better.”
Beginning her career in the corporate world, Ellina never would have imagined the life that she is living now. Her work is unique, much like the journey that it took to get there, and as a result, Ellina isn’t very concerned with competing against others in the industry. ​“When it comes to competition, my philosophy is that everyone is in their own lane,”​ she explains. ​“What I offer is a unique approach where I co-create with my clients. I help them reduce anxiety, increase confidence, and step into their self-worth through personal coaching and an original combination of tools that I have personally used to transform my own life and the lives of others.”
Ellina currently works out of Miami, FL, where she lives with her dog, Ziggy. When she’s not coaching, you can find her organizing community events and DJ’ing at venues all over the Miami area. To learn more about Ellina, follow along on ​Instagram​ or click h​ere