Stars: They’re just like us. Meaning they also get totally overwhelmed with the non-stop, overwhelmingly negative news cycle. Emma Watson shares her straightforward approach to dealing with upsetting political news (which is to say, the news today) this piece on Coveteur.

Watson tells Coveteur that she has friends send her can’t-miss articles but otherwise tries not to engage with the 24/7 media onslaught. She describes how “reading too much media can be very negative and bad for the soul,” to the point that you “forget there are good things happening in the world and good people who are doing good things.” Instead, Watson opts for less stressful reading material, like a good book.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

There’s a fine line between staying informed and getting overwhelmed by a never-ending cycle of negativity. At a time when Americans (and apparently Brits) are alarmingly stressed out by politics, we could all take a hint from Watson and be more conscious about how much time we spend consuming the news. As Watson sums it up, “it’s important sometimes to tune out and take a break from the daily digest of doom and gloom.” We couldn’t agree more.

Read the entire interview on Coveteur.

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