The time when too many things happen they exceed all expectations. We are in a critical time. Employees are living with an uncertain time with pay cuts and others have been completely laid off. Employees are completely dependent on the government for food and medications. It is a time where we all need to find solutions.

MNC Companies such a PayPal, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Booz Allen Hamilton, SAP, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup, have taken no-layoff pledge to protect the economic crisis bought by the Pandemic COVID-19 situation.

“Many Companies announced salary cuts of around 20 to 30 percentage. Others have given the Paid leave or Unpaid leave, and the rest have forced to resign from the company.”

IT/ITes Employees Union said the Union had received the Complaints from different countries around the world. Many companies are registered under the Disaster Management ACT and then the Industrial Dispute ACT, in the labor department.

Here are some tips I could share with you on how to cope with this situation.

1. Don’t Panic!

It’s easy to Panic If you’re living with salary cuts and lay-offs. As long as you have health and are willing and able to work, you’ll be okay. If you forced to resign from the job, resign for the Job, and look out for the new opportunity. Don’t be panic and think about suicide. Think globally, For Example, after I lost my job in the USA, I moved to the United Kingdom for the new gig.

2. Think about your situation

Look out you’re current balance sheet and P&L and the root you have to survive without an income. Do you qualify for Unemployment benefits? If yes, this benefit will help you replace the loss of income and more time to look into the next opportunity.

3. Try for Work from home Opportunity

Now, Work from online as made the world defend the corona-virus pandemic economy crisis. Try to find out the jobs on online and many Countries offer the work from home opportunity. This may help to offset the loss of income.

4. Avoid Unwanted expenses

If you’re taking parcels from hotels, Please stop taking food from the hotels because charges of hotels are high. Travelling, Buying from Bakeries, Paying to local gyms, shopping. Find out the alternative solutions.

5. Set your goal

Once you know what you want, set your goal. This may help you to achieve what you want.

6. Find out you’re next job that will help you to reach goals

If you decide to find out the job, make sure this job will help you to achieve the goal you set for yourself.