I can’t tell – was that my own thought or yours?

Is it possible that someone’s thoughts or energy can affect you?

For all people, and especially health care practitioners, it is important to create a practice of detachment. This allows you to access the executive functioning in your brain, giving you a choice in your reactions or thoughts. If your brain is caught up in an emotion or a trigger, your limbic or primitive brain is in charge; what that means is you are reactive and defensive.

Detachment, or maintaining neutrality, often gets lost in translation; people misinterpret it as being zombie-like. You can still have emotions, have empathy, but you are not drawn into someone else’s process.

Even your body position can affect your energy and get drawn into someone else’s pain, anger, or emotions. Leaning into someone opens up the door to meld with them, and you may not realize that you now are experiencing their energy field. You may ask yourself, ‘why am I feeling sad? Why am I angry? This isn’t me.’ This phenomenon can also happen when a parent imprints their emotional state on their children. It can take children years, if not decades, to clear emotions or beliefs that are not their own. How you can tell if you feel off, not yourself, or internally conflicted to your behavior.  

I feel SICK

A coach emailed me the following question and inspired this article.

“I’m feeling under the weather but extraordinarily and was hoping you could help. This past week I did a week-long internship. My sleep got progressively worse throughout the week, and by Thursday, Friday, Saturday, I was barely sleeping and felt like I had flu-like symptoms. Actually, the feeling more resembled my body going through detox after a hacking weekend of drinking. Night sweats, feeling cold/hot, overall body going through a detox. If I had some vitamin c or other antioxidants, I would feel better, than a few hours later to feel my body was in detox mode.

These feelings have carried on to today. Other feelings that I’m feeling are stress and lots of anxiety. Which is very weird for me since this never happens? The only other time I felt this way was last year, right before my wife gave birth to our son and I was so stressed that I gave myself flu-like symptoms.”


I feel like the teacher gave me bad juju – has anyone ever made you feel this way/is this normal?

Let’s start here. If you are paying for a course, a treatment, or service and the person in the position of expert, teacher, or authority has a meltdown, anxiety, and anger, it’s best to withdraw from the course, treatment, or activity. The teacher’s mental state can affect your ability to learn.

If you cannot remove yourself, how can you protect your energy field and practice detachment?

1.    Physical distance

2.    Envision white light surrounding or protecting you or, if necessary, a thick wall of the strongest substance you know.

3.    Breath – move the energy around your body

4.    Stay emotionally centered – always remember this is not about you; it is their process

5.    Play Solfeggio Frequencies to raise the vibration, you can have it going on your phone while in class at a low volume.

Nutrition to release energy or detox can be quite effective:

1.    Epson salt bath

2.    Electrolytes

3.    Water

4.    Iodine

5.    Zinc


If energy does not move through you or remains, there is an energetic trigger or block that exists within your own field that has been triggered and must be acknowledged and released.

Clear your own issues!

As teachers, coaches, or practitioners, you can only heal or support those to the level you have cleared or removed your own energetic or emotional blocks. We attract what we know, not what we are.

One of my favorite sayings is that we all need adult supervision to dive into areas that we are unaware of and lift us out of our comfort zones.

Hire a coach or a mentor.

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