Ahmed Alamri grew up in a small town and earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science before deciding to go to law school. From an early age, he was unable to cope with the ordinary structure of school and instead found himself starting businesses at a young age. Ahmed holds a belief that choosing your path should not be about selecting only one career option and learning only a certain set of skills. Instead, he believes that we should encourage each other to have a variety of passions or ideas.

It is crucial for people to learn their inner strengths and enthusiasm in order to truly accomplish something in our lives. According to Ahmed, launching businesses at a young age truly primes you into understanding how the world works. He believes that launching a business teaches you about success, discipline, hardship, and failure.

During high school and with the help of his business partner, Ahmed launched a location based social networking app. During that process, Ahmed learned about having an extraordinary attitude towards passion projects and new ventures. He believes that it isn’t about whether or not your ventures are giant successes but rather we should applaud each other for just following through with our ventures.

After finishing college, Ahmed deciding to go to law school. After finishing, he went on to work in the area of intellectual property law focussing on Trademarks, Copyrights, and Social Media Law. It wasn’t until this year that he decided to launch his talent agency & blog DARK Magazine.

Ahmed believes that although preparation is important in order to be successful, relentless passion is what truly separates the good entrepreneurs from the great entrepreneurs. Through hardship and adversity, he has found his actual self and potential by being determined and focussed.

2020 is the year he has waited for with so much anticipation as he launches his media agency: DARK Magazine. Handled over with an ample number of difficulties and being a young CEO has given him a strong identity. He demonstrated that failures are just one step ahead to success and by being relentlessly determined, you can manifest everything around you.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mojomora/?hl=en