Because of a speech impediment, Dana Silvestri grew up as an extremely shy kid with a fear of public speaking. He would hide behind his parents when others are around and would remain quiet when being introduced. His reluctance to talk has prompted some people to wonder if he can speak at all. He also had a self-limiting belief that he wasn’t smart enough. Silvestri was in extra help classes through sophomore year in high school.

Fast forward to the present: Silvestri now runs a coaching business helping people increase their productivity, take control of their mindsets, achieve their personal and professional goals, become healthier, and improve the overall quality of their lives. The kid who used to be afraid of speaking is now holding one-on-one coaching programs, full-day mastermind events and hosting weekly mastermind video calls. So how did Silvestri turn his life around?

It all started with the question: “Is this it?”

Silvestri was leading what many would consider a “normal life.” After college, he immediately joined the workforce in a corporate job. He was excited at first but soon grew tired of feeling a lack of contribution and recognition, while putting his all into his job. “I realized how soul-sucking it was to be stuck in an office for 60 hours a week for minimum pay,” he said.

Though he was good at his job, Silvestri felt unappreciated. He also couldn’t stop wondering if there was more to life than working 60 hours a week at a job he was not passionate about and being stuck in a cycle of partying every single weekend.

Deep inside, Silvestri knew that he could make a more significant impact, both on his life and that of others. So he started to invest in himself. He read books, joined programs, and sought mentors and coaches like Anthony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Bob Proctor. He worked hard for eight hours during the day and would work for another five more hours at night to start a business and build the foundation of his personal brand. 

The next couple of years were marked by major breakthroughs for Silvestri. He increased his profits by more than 30%, formed a small team, launched his website, and wrote an ebook. During the period, Silvestri also finished a half-marathon, participated in a Spartan Race, and even performed on stage in a professional stand-up comedy show, a significant achievement for someone who couldn’t even say hi to strangers before.

Since he was a child, Silvestri says he loved to share. Being a knowledge broker, he believes that the best thing one can share with others is information and specialized knowledge. This is why he gives away so much valuable content on his website and social media. He offers a free ebook called “Win Your Morning, Win Your Day, Win Your Life,” where he shares his secrets on how to wake up with and generate energy while gaining momentum to win the day. He also offers a free 15-minute strategy call to anyone who wants to learn more about setting and achieving goals, developing better habits, and having a winning mindset.

Silvestri also holds Weekly Mastermind Video Calls aimed at helping people to discover new ideas and overcome obstacles. He is also available for one-on-one coaching for individuals looking for an accountability partner who can guide them directly in their journey to personal transformation. 

Last July, Silvestri hosted a full-day virtual live event called The Momentum Mastermind. “The goal of The Momentum Mastermind is to help growth-minded professionals gain more clarity, momentum and create the map to their future,” Silvestri said. He plans on hosting the event on a monthly basis. 

From being a shy kid who is afraid to speak to others to someone who inspires people to change their lives for the better, Silvestri has indeed come a long way. His life story proves that good things happen to people who hold themselves accountable and follow their own instincts instead of simply conforming to the dictates of society. “My biggest fear is to die with regret or not to know what life would have been like if I followed my gut,” Silvestri reflected. “We can’t make this our reality; it’s time to take action now.”