Stephanie Caballero-Martin is the co-founder of Tranquil Store, a CBD product line that she runs with her husband. Although her business is relatively young, Stephanie has already faced several challenges and obstacles that lead to stressful situations. 

In this article, she shares her take on the subject of stress, anxiety, and burnout and gives top tips on how best to avoid and overcome them.

Avoiding Burnout

In Stephanie’s opinion, it is almost impossible to not burn yourself out. The best way to limit its effects is to create a balance among all aspects of life. 

“There are times when I have come close to feeling burned out myself, “ Stephanie admits.  “What I have discovered is there has to be a balance among my shared responsibilities; being a wife, mother, and an entrepreneur.”

Stephanie’s most effective method of avoiding burnout is to take simple breaks throughout the day. It is so useful that she has coined it into a special 3-part formula.

“ I follow these 3 simple things; relax, renew and restore. So far it has helped, especially during the last couple of months. When I find myself getting stressed out, I close the laptop, put down the phone, and have some alone time, and family time. ”

Overcoming Stress

Stress is a part of everyone’s daily life, in even the smallest ways possible. When Stephanie feels the stress creeping upon her, she pauses and asks herself one critical question.

“Is this really worth stressing over? I’ve come to realize a lot of the things we stress over aren’t really worth the stress. Just taking a deep breath, communicating, and sharing responsibilities have helped tremendously. I take breaks when needed, which helps me to refocus on the business.”

Finding Inspiration

Sometimes, the easiest way to beat a stressful situation is to find a way to stay grounded. This could be by seeking reassurance and inspiration; reminding yourself of your why.

“My family inspires me continuously, especially my son,” Stephanie says. “I want the best for him, and in order to do this, I have to set a good example. Most importantly I want to leave behind a legacy that he will be proud of one day.”

Having a symbol that reminds you of why you do what you do will help you feel re-energized and inspired to continue, despite encountering challenges and obstacles.

For anybody looking to attain success despite drawbacks like stress and burnout, Stephanie has the following advice to share;

“Take time and really think; what are you really passionate about? I truly believe if you follow your passions and make them a reality, you will never work a day in your life.  The money will come with time but you have to be in it for the long haul. To be a leader, you must be a student first. ”