Eric Jemielita is among the most sought after speakers and business coaches. He is a hard-working entrepreneur who has been in business for more than 16 years. In his journey, he has had many obstacles, but he has emerged from each of them as a successful entrepreneur. Right now, he is the founder, president, and CEO of two companies.

Staying Motivated

Eric is part of his family business. This keeps him motivated because he never wants to disappoint the people he loves. “I want to make my family proud and continue growing generational wealth,” said Eric.

Advice To Startups

To new startups, Eric advises them to ignore the naysayers who will never stop talking, “Learn to endure during hard times and be resilient. Apply the lessons you learn to move forward and keep going always.”


Most people face obstacles and give up. Eric had many obstacles in his journey, but he kept moving on. Being so young in the finance industry was hard, and he wasn’t sure of whom to trust. The opposite was also true; it was tough to gain the trust of people early on, especially those older than him. Eric admits that business was hard in his starting years when he was not established, but as time passed, people started trusting him after proving he was reliable and trustworthy, regardless of his age.

Eric had to use persistence and perseverance as his main weapons to combat the obstacles that were thrown at him. He knew that everything would fall into place with time, and it would be beneficial for his business and him and his family. With patience, he continues doing quality work and serving his clients by surpassing their expectations. That boosts the business, and he gets referrals and builds irreplaceable relationships with his clients that make his business prosper long term. To date, Eric focuses on quality and well being of his clients by ensuring he surpasses their expectations and needs.


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