Vanessa Ohayon of Vanessa & Co. Events & Hospitality ( pivoted her event production business due to the pandemic by injecting creativity, passion and authenticity into her current work. She did this on several verticals, one by planning exclusive and intimate trips abroad for clients, focusing on COVID precautions and drawing attention to family heritage, rather than large-scale groups and events and by hosting unique personalized online events. Vanessa says, “At first I thought it to be impossible. My business is based on human capital, their shared experiences and interactions. Eventually, my creative juices started to flow in abundance. For some events, we sent individual custom cakes and champagne to guests to share with us on Zoom. For a Purim Bat Mitzvah, we send customized Megilahs for guests to follow along, with beautiful noise makers. Entertainment and break out rooms also got guests involved on an intimate level.”

As a natural producer, Vanessa always seemed to land in event production no matter what business she was in, whether in high tech, hotel operations or banking – she naturally gravitated to creating magical moments. She loves to manage a team leading by example, has an incredible knack for quick decisions and putting out fires. With her deep experience, she really knows what to anticipate. With Vanessa there isn’t just a plan B, her experience has her prepared for all the letters of the alphabet! After she flew solo, planning her brother’s blowout 10 day, 300-person wedding celebration in a foreign country, she knew this was her calling. The celebration kicked off at the Rolling Stones concert and finished off in the Holy city of Jerusalem. They traveled throughout the country, with a magical desert oasis wedding, and a post wedding celebration in Petra, Jordan; one of the seven wonders of the world.

In regard to client response, she says, “I was freelancing in the event world while continuing my career in the hospitality industry. I quickly knew event planning was for me when client feedback made it clear that ‘Vanessa was the secret sauce’ through not just attention to design and production detail, but the emotional and spiritual guidance and support. Her invested involvement is a total game changer.” I love the work I do – the choreography of the night and designing magical moments – I am blessed to be one of the lucky ones who does what I love. – as they say, do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life!”

With high profile clients coming from all over the world, Vanessa has done events and worked with clients from Miami, NYC, Los Angeles, France, Spain, Morocco, UK, Germany and Canada. For more information, please visit the links below.

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Ohayon, the principle of an international event production company – Vanessa & Co.; has expertise in production, with clients such as ‘30 under 30’ for Forbes Magazine, Food & Wine Festival, VMA’s, WMC, Art Basel, as well as high-profile clientele for private functions and personal celebrations. Ohayon was most notably published in Vogue magazine and combines her vision, design and strategy along with her meticulous attention to detail and regard for high standards, managing the project from conception to execution. 

Her role as a producer runs deeper than just in event production. Her 18 years in the hospitality industry taught her exceptional service and decisive leadership. Her leadership style and production skills quickly led her into ‘first hire’ positions at new ventures and start-ups where she has experience in the growth stages of businesses and participated in successful venture exits as well. It is not unlikely to find her settling into a new city or even country to oversee the pre-opening procedures, design build outs, assembling teams and staying on past the opening to oversee operations. Having started her career in the banking industry, Ohayon learned the foundations of structure and order, linear thinking and perfectly aligned balance sheets. As the DotCom era was taking off, Ohayon became the Marketing Director for an online gaming site. As an avid traveler, Ohayon speaks three languages, holds three passports, and is adaptable and easily delighted by the wonders of the world. Ohayon was a board member of a 501c3 in NYC – The Ruby Peck Foundation; whose mandate was to raise funds for Children’s Education and became an Ambassador to the Shanti House, raising funds to help children get off the streets and provide a path to a brighter future. She is constantly evolving and is currently enrolled in the PowerMBA Executive Program.