The journey you will embark on when you enter the field of entrepreneurship starts from a simple idea that brings an immense impact to the universe when fully exploited. The truth about building an idea from scratch is a hurdle. Nonetheless, it is achievable if you can persevere and maintain a persistent attitude while developing strong mental resilience. 

Anthony Scott Logan’s life is precisely what an entrepreneurial journey looks like. It reveals that struggles are inevitable and must be endured to emerge triumphantly. Anthony narrates how, at some point in his life, he lived a life he couldn’t afford, which resulted in the accumulation of debt. He kept delaying and postponing his problems while his obligations were piling up. 

Aside from his problems for his career, his personal life started to crumble. He had issues with his relationships and he was not giving importance to his health and wellbeing. He was so deep into stress for the better part of his seven years and two failed businesses. Nonetheless, he never gave up on himself. Rather, he decided to return to his hometown and move back to his parents at the age of 27.

His life took a positive turn when he decided to start small and grow his business from scratch with a better outlook in life. By then, he started to design flyers and posters for nightclubs around the United Kingdom while working at a suit shop on a part-time basis.

Anthony Scott Logan at a Glance

Anthony is the founder and CEO of Noir Agency based in Dubai. His mission is to help ambitious founders create and build brands with a clear purpose of impacting the world. Because of his resilience, he has accumulated a number of achievements. Instagram has featured him for business and part of his portfolio company features Snoop Dogg, Skyscanner, Unilever, Social Chain, Private White VC, and 220 Banks, among others. 

Anthony never allowed the difficulties and challenges he faced determine his future. Instead, he met them head-on, facing his fears to become the person he is today. He speaks powerfully about the need to create mental resilience. Sharing his experience, he reveals that it took him six difficult years to reach that one that changed his life.  

Stay Focused

Putting your mind on a specific task will help you achieve your goals and fill the gaps in between. Failure is not as bad as you think; you can learn, grow, and evolve from your past mistakes. Staying focused serves as the gateway for all cognitive activities, such as reasoning, problem-solving, and decision-making. For Anthony, success does not just happen overnight; you think of it, you aspire for it, and most importantly, you work for it.

Stay Humble

When you accomplish your task in succession, you tend to feel as if nothing can stop you. However, when you experience failure, your motivation tends to fade and decay, which results in a cynical and negative mindset; it’s as if it is impossible to bounce back up. This is why staying put can help in regulating the feelings of failure and loss. During your successful moments, it is essential to ensure that you treat others with humility and respect. Modesty enables you to become mentally prepared for failure when it hits your door. Anthony emphasizes that growth is not linear and is full of hills and valleys. If you take time and look at your past life, you will notice how the most challenging times define who you are today.

Embrace Change

Change is inevitable and constant and it comes when you least expect it. Due to the changing times, technological advancements and innovation have pushed many businesses to grow and keep up with the demands of society. Anthony’s take on change is that there is a need to have a step ahead in order to remain relevant within our specific fields.

Filter Your Ideas

You may have a handful of marvelous ideas, but you have to filter them in order to be efficient. Take each concept at a time and maximize them gradually with careful detail. Note that often, not all ideas that you can think about are good ones. You have to roll out your concepts one and thoroughly assess and evaluate them. Utilize different perspectives to see which approach would fit perfectly with your idea for proper execution. By doing so, you will be able to produce work that was not lousily crafted and can lead you to success.