When we live a value- based life, our values provide the foundation to how we live, make choices, connect, work, and contribute. 

When you have a foundation for how you live that is rooted in your values, you have guiding principles for how you interact with the world.

Sinking into our values encourages us to embrace our unique way of living and being.

But we can’t stop there (and most people do).

So what happens next?

Values alone are powerful, but without action, values can’t show up and create ripples of change and transformation.

So to move into LIVING your values instead of simply having values,  you’ll need a pathway to act with intention, in an aligned way.

That pathway is FLOW.

Flow is the state of optimal functioning. Flow happens WHEN we have our values mapper first, so we know who we are, what we stand for, and what we stand against. We’re clear on what we envision and what we want to be known for.

Flow cannot be accessed without a self-awareness of our values.

Because the first step to access flow is knowing where we want to focus our energy to experience that sense of alignment.

When we have values at the forefront before any action, we can unlock flow states easily, confidently, and quickly. This allows to stay in our flow channel and prevents us from wasting time, energy, resources, or money by veering off outside of our flow channel.

When we are in flow, we see exactly where we want to be moving in our lives and work. We gain clarity and confidence because our values anchor us during the process. Distractions and self-doubt slip away when our brain enters a flow state, and we can move with grace, dignity, and integrity when we’re in our creative genius.

Flow allows us to embrace our values and step boldly and bravely into action that aligns with who we are, how we want to exist, contribute, and show up.

Now that it’s 2021, most of us understand the importance of not just having values but truly LIVING our values, so here are some reminders for how to do this anytime you’re feeling off track:

  1. Affinity Map your values
  2. Create a vision statement based on your values
  3. Draw out an action plan for your values
  4. Give yourself the space, time, and conditions to live in flow.
  5. When you’re in flow, enjoy it- don’t try to over extend it, just be IN it so you can fully experience it.
  6. Act with intention based in your values. This means showing up to do the right thing again, and again, and again.
  7. Celebrate LIVING your values and keep stretching your capacity to increase more flow states.
  8. Repeat and enjoy =)