If you’ve ever found yourself being intrigued by the stock market and yet intimidated simultaneously, then you know it’s a detail orientated world. Meet Gabriela Berrospi, she is the Co-Founder of Latino Wall Street, a movement dedicated to teaching the Latin American world on how to take control of their finances by trading. Gabriela is no stranger when it comes to analyzing the stock market for hours upon hours, while most people would burn out she continues to power through her day despite being behind a screen learning the markets. These are her tips for avoiding burnout while day trading. 

Gabriela’s 3 Tips to Power Through Any Day 

Prioritize Sleep – It comes in at no secret that sleep will be your best friend when you have a demanding task ahead of you. As a rule of thumb, it’s especially important to prioritize getting a full night of sleep such as 7 to 8 hours every night, this ensures that your body is recharging sufficiently. When it comes to being a trader, you will be tasked with studying the markets behind a screen for hours, not only will that emit blue light that throws your body’s natural circadian rhythms out of whack, but it will ensure you’re making decisions at a peak level of performance. 

Eat a Balanced Diet – Considering the effects your eating habits have on your psyche, Gabriela believes having a balanced diet in place to fuel you through those long hours behind a screen is essential. The role of your diet can either be your biggest advantage or your biggest disadvantage. By eating healthier foods your body is being fueled by the optimal nutrients that contribute to brain health, energy, and overall better health. 

Get a Hobby – One of the fastest ways to burnout is by never letting your mind unplug from work. The best way that Gaby has found to cope with that is by spending time on her hobbies. When she’s not working you can find her giving back to the community sharing ideas, tips, and even helping empower more and more women to become financially independent. By giving back to the people around her she has been able to build a hobby from her passion for working with people. 

Key Takeaways 

Although these 3 tips aren’t going to make you a successful trader, they will give you a foundation to take on any endeavor while prioritizing your health and avoiding the dreary process of burning out. So whether your goal is to push through your demanding job or learn new skills to take yourself to the next level, their value holds true in all areas. 


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