How Freelancing Support Students while studying?

Have you ever wondered how freelancing support students as they venture their dreams to achieve their university diploma? I myself have the same question a couple of years ago. Most of the students struggle to achieve their professional diploma that they need to work like a donkey to support their financial needs in continuing education. In the Philippines, some students work as a security guard, in fast food chains like Jollibee, Mcdo, and KFC to name a few, and some work as a public transportation driver. 

If you are reading this content, you’re lucky since you may skip those opportunities I cited above and start your journey as a freelancer or you may know someone who is on the same boat and would like to share this article on How Freelancing Support Students while studying. So let’s do the countdown and start your freelancing career

5 Ways on how Freelancing Support students while Studying

1. Data Encoder

In the 21st century, almost all activities are done with technology. Thousands upon thousands of agencies online looking for data encoder to help their client turn their hard copy file into a digital file. Portals like Upwork, Freelancer, Freeeup, and Online Jobs dot PH creates huge opportunity portals for people like you who are looking for a starter in the online market. There are lots of portals available online but these 4 portals are well-known portals as recommended by freelancers. 

You might wonder how data encode works. As clear as the job title, data encoder will encode all hard copy files which include forms, typewritten manuscript, and handwritten output. 

Oops, it’s not what you think. They will not be going to send the hard copy via mail for you to encode. They will scan the hard copy and send you the image of the files and you will encode it for them. Easy right? I bet your answer is Yes (with a smile).

The best thing that you can do now is to speed up your Typing Skills and upgrade the freelancing skills that may help you land more job opportunities online. 

2. Social Media Manager

If you are familiar with the different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and the likes, you might try your luck and find a client that will let you manage their personal or business page and groups. 

Yes! You read it right. Some of the individual nowadays will hire social media manager that will help them post content, respond to those who message them, join other social media groups, participate with the community, and promote business through content marketing. 

Don’t worry, though it sounds like multitasking in one plate, you will always find yourself enjoying the things that you are doing as soon as you earn money. Right? 

No that’s wrong. The opportunity that you will learn more should always be your priority. Learning additional skills and knowledge on the different venture will open more doors of opportunities in the online market. 

Don’t get it? Here’s the thing. 

If you manage social media, that means you will learn to create content (Content Writing), then you will find yourself creating graphics for the content (Graphics Designing), and you will talk (chat or via Phone call) to people whom your client’s potential customer (Customer Service). 

Get my point now? That should always be your mindset every time you work for something. Always look for an avenue to learn more and upgrade your skills. At the end of the day, you will still earn from what you are doing. 

Ready to venture yourself as a Social Media Manager? Try your luck and join some of the groups of facebook that usually post for job opportunities like Savvy Virtual Assistant, Virtual Assistant Savvies, and Online Filipino Freelancer (for Pinoy). You can always maximize Google Search Engine and look for more platforms available online. 

3. Content Writer

If you love the idea of Data Encoder and Social Media Manager, you will definitely love to become a content writer. For some, Content Writers are for those who love to write. But in my honest opinion, you can always work as a content writer if you need money for your tuition. I am not kidding. The first time I landed a job for a Content Writing position, it was because I need an amount to settle before the exam or else, I can’t take the exam. 

This may not be true to some, but for almost all students who struggle to finish their degree through self-support, this is the reality. 

Of course, Content writing is not an easy task. You need some of the basic skills to create unique content as requested by your client. Your client will give you a list of topics that you will write for their website, blog post, or social media content. 

Consider that you already have the lists of topics that you need to write for your client, you need to have the following skills;

A. Basic Research Skills

Your client will only give you lists to be done, it’s your job to do the research and read more for you to have the basic idea of the topic.

B. Basic English Knowledge

Basic English is the key. Of course! You will be going to write content for your client. Considering that most of the clients are looking for English Content, so English is a Must. Grammarly may help you look for the basic errors while you write your content. Again, always visit Google if you need to learn something by yourself.

C. And a lot of Common Sense.

Yeap, most of the things that you will meet halfway needs a bundle of common sense. Most of the client will not be going to micromanage the things that you will be doing (although there are some). 

Say for instance, some clients may give you a link or a reference for the topic. If you think the link or the reference is not enough to create unique content, go to Google and search for additional reference for your topic. No need for you to wait for additional instruction. Again. Common Sense.

Easy right? No! It does not end there. Before landing any content writing job, you need to compete with some of the writers who are in the business for years now. Of course, neophyte content writers outnumber veteran writers in the market. So there’s no need to panic. 

Why? Because veteran writers will have higher rates since they already build their portfolio in writing. Exactly. They already have a portfolio of previous output to present every time they apply for writing position. 

Maybe you already have the clue now. You need to have a portfolio to start on this venture. It may be a research output, an article you previously wrote, a blog, or anything that will provide a clear sample for the client to assess. 

Considering that the market is quite stiff and very competitive in terms of skills, you need to outshine them all. I would suggest you to start writing your own blog. You may search in Google the keywords like “How to start your own blog” and learn from the result. Write helpful topics that may help readers. Like what I am doing. 

4. Transcriber

The fourth job freelancing job that may be a bit difficult compared to the three opportunities I discussed earlier. Being a transcriber, you need to have good listening skills to work on this project. As a transcriber, you will contextualize the audio and put the discussion in the audio into writing. 

Sounds easy write? I hope so. There are some audios that you can barely hear clear sounds. Audios with a noisy background. Audio with fast phase conversation and the likes. These are just some of the challenges that you will meet while doing the transcription project. 

With all the challenges, there is always an option so that you can work your way and become a transcriber. 

Make sure you have a good headset since you will work with the audios and a good ambiance (workplace) for you to work. The task me bring you to stress considering that the client will not give any easy task for others to work on with. Take note, if it is easy, then the client itself will work for himself. 

Websites like Go Transcript or Transcribeme may be a good platform for you to start. Again, you can always use Google to search for more transcription job opportunity online.

5. Researcher

The last job post is my favorite task. If you notice, I used the word “Research” 9 times and the word “Search” for 10 times. This is how I emphasize the importance of research in our lives. Through constant research, you will learn how to discover your Freelancing Skills just like I did before. 

I started my freelancing venture through by researching the things I need to learn before diving into this venture. It took me years to learn all the skills that I have now. Constant practice, self-improvement through multiple projects, and continuous learning. Research is the key to everything. 

So what does Researcher do anyway? You can work as an academic writer and earn from it. You can work on some platform that offers online assignment writing platforms that caters lazy students. If you love writing and would love to add research skills in your list, better develop your skill now and work your way to apply on platforms that need research-related skills.

In short, how freelancing support students while studying?

There are many ways of how freelancing support students while studying. It does not limit you into 5 ways as cited above. You can always look for the best freelancing skills and see if which of the skills available online can be your asset or assets. As I’ve said, always upgrade your skills and learn from the free materials available online through Google or YouTube.

How Freelancing Support Students while studying?

Author’s Bio

Barjunaid Cadir is a student himself and a Freelancer. He started his venture being an Academic Researcher at Anadolu University. He taught himself how to develop a website, market his own business, and now, he started his Small Agency that serves multiple clients in the United States. He owned The Freelance Worker Agency and the Editor-in-Chief of The Weekly Trends Magazine that features news and other trending stories. He is making his way to build a small VA online university (theVAsity) for aspiring individuals who wish to learn how to start their venture as a Freelancer.