Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Le’Andre Oden Jr., a.k.a. Ganja Mann, is a rapper and an entrepreneur with three businesses under his care. At the age of 19, when he moved to Birmingham, Alabama, Ganja Mann realized his love for music. 

He started his music career and recorded his first song at the age of 24. He never even thought about being a rapper until he reached that age but he hasn’t stopped to make that dream come true. 

“I have been grinding for the last six years to become one of the best up-and-coming independent artists in the game,” he said. 

This career in rap music is also what allowed Ganja Mann to start T3 Studios years later.

Ganja Mann is also an entrepreneur who owns T3 Studios located in Birmingham along with R&O Express LLC, a trucking company, and TrapBabyzent LLC, a record label and clothing line which he started at the age of 27, making it his first business venture throughout his career.

Where To Start 

Although Ganja Mann’s career as a rapper hasn’t been that long, he already has achieved success and satisfaction because of the work that he has put in towards growing it. 

So to those who want to follow in his footsteps yet doesn’t know where to start, here’s what he has to say: 

“Start by making as much music as you can then get register as an official artist.”

But the most important thing is to never give up since success doesn’t come overnight. 

“If you’re inspired to be an artist in the hip-hop industry, either you need to sign a deal to have someone do all the work for you and put all the money up for you. If you go the independent route, you need to be the ultimate hustler and learn how to make money in more ways than one because the music industry cost lots of money,” Ganja Mann said. 

Dealing With Stress And Challenges 

Being an artist is not an easy career. To avoid stress and burnout, Ganja Mann takes care of himself by getting enough sleep, working out, spending time with his family, smoking weed, and staying grounded. 

And should he come face to face with a challenge that could impede his progress, Ganja Mann doesn’t shy away from it as he prefers to face them head-on. 

“I overcome obstacles by going through whatever I have to go through and never giving up on hard times,” he said. 

For more information on Ganja Mann, visit his Instagram account (@ganja_mann1).