Your wedding is one of the few times in your adult life where you can actually choose the gifts you want people to give you. It’s great because when you open the fancy coffee maker that grinds its own beans and say “I love it!” – You really think so. Registration for gifts can be one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding, but it can also be stressful. Here is a complete guide to making your wedding registry perfect.

What is a marriage register?

A marriage registry, also known as a wedding registry, is a list of items that a couple would like to receive as a wedding gift from a particular merchant. The merchant gives the list to wedding guests when requested and keeps track of items that have already been purchased and which items are still available.

This system benefits the couple because he can receive the gifts he really needs. It also benefits customers who want to know easily what the couple would like to receive. And of course, the trader is able to make a profit on the many gifts purchased.

How to start a marriage registry

To make a marriage registry, you can go online. In any case, the process is similar:

1.    First, you register to start a registry either by going to the customer service desk at the physical location or by going to the wedding gift registry section of the website.

2.    If you are physically at the store, the store attendant will give you a list of items that couples typically save with a scanner. Then you are free to roam the store and scan items that you would like to receive as gifts. If you register online, you can browse the items and select them for your register.

3.    Once you’re done, you can always go back to the store or go online to make adjustments if you change your mind about something or want to add new items.

How does a couple choose where to register?

One of the keys to a good registry is to find the right merchants to register with. It can be a challenge because there are so many choices. To help you choose the perfect registry merchant, here are some tips:

1. Choose a National Store

If you register at a local chain or store, your aunt and uncle living across the country will likely have trouble donating to you. Even if they could go online and shop, they might be hesitant if they had never heard of the store.

Out of respect for your guests, register at a reputable national reputation store. Your guests will enjoy shopping for you if they are able to go to a store they recognize. They might even be able to use a coupon.

2. Have an option in-store and online

Some of your guests will want to order you a gift online and send it directly to your home. Others will want to buy a gift in the store and bring it with them to the wedding. Make sure you offer them both options.

3. Sign up with two merchants

You want to make sure to give your guests enough options. Sign up for at least two stores so your guests can shop where they’re most comfortable, and to make sure you’re able to sign up for all the items you’ll need. Some stores cannot carry everything.

Items to include in your marriage registry

When you register to register, the merchant will provide you with a complete list of items that may be included in your register. They will include the right number of fine porcelain parameters, the number of glasses of white wine and glasses of red wine, and the number of toasting flutes. Many couples find that they do not need all these fancy items and rather want more practical things.

I recommend getting the store register list, but only by registering for what you need or expect to use. Also, remember to sign up for these more practical and fun articles:

•    Electronics: Blu-Ray player, game system, speakers, GPS

•    Camping equipment: Sleeping bags, tent, outdoor barbecue, cooler

•    Backyard: Outdoor Furniture, Lawn Mower, Oversized Outdoor Sunshade, Garden Hose

•    Travel: Luggage bags, clothes bag, video camera, toiletry bag

•    Recreational: board games, roller skates, horseshoes, bicycle parts and accessories


If you decide you do not want to register, or if you already have most of your household items, make sure your guests know what you would like to receive as a gift. Some alternatives to registers include money, gift cards, gifts for charities, and money towards a memorable honeymoon destination idea.