Playing golf has been a time of developing myself in different ways. Other than just learning the sport and taking part in competitions, I have reaped a lot of benefits from golf activities and that includes how it has positively impacted my health. Whether golfing at Vale da Pinta Golf Course or in any golf course of your choice, you will definitely have these health benefits. Indeed golf has been good for my health especially in keeping my heart healthy.

A lot of energy and effort are expended during the sport and that is why players like me will end up exercising their body in equal measure or even more as they playing. Owing to the rules of engagement for the game, one is definitely going to keep fit as they play the game. A lot of positive changes to my body have been as a result of the commitment I have made towards golfing activities.

Important Golf Exercises for the Body

There are a number of activities happening on a golf course. When I am in the field, there is a lot of walking to do and that really exercises my body a lot. You are never in one position and that means burning a few calories move up and about the golf course. On average, I walk between five and eight kilometers while playing golf. This is quite some distance to be covered while walking and that is why it is very helpful to keep my body healthy.

As I walk 18 hopes golf course at least three times per week, that is enough exercise comparable to the recommended amount for my heart. More calories get burnt as I pull my clubs and/or carry them around. This is indeed enough exercise for me and it gives more reasons to continue playing golf. Ideally, this sporting activity has helped me to:

  • Stay Fit

Our bodies need exercise and that’s why many people go to the gym and engage in morning runs and walk to remain fit. For me, it has been a golf affair. I have given my body what it needs above the other benefits that come with playing golf. For maximum benefit, I have been playing regularly and that has helped my body adapt to many changes. Besides watching what I eat, playing golf is my other way of ensuring that my body remains fit.

  • Enhancing muscle endurance

Every sport has its discipline and part of what golfers do is working on their body physique, which is vital for hitting balls on a golf course. During the process, my muscle tone gets enhanced alongside the much-needed endurance for effective use. With constant exercise, my body muscles are able to register body fitness and work optimally against my body strength.

  • Managing Body Fat and Weight

Since I started playing golf, I have really been able to lose body fat translating to a loss in body weight. This has been attributed to the effort applied walking around the golf course and hit balls during practice and completion sessions.

Final Thoughts

Golf enthusiasts like me know that there is a lot to benefit from playing this widely played game. Other than just the entertainment and fun, my body has remained fit over the years I have played golf. It is worth playing golf because it has given me enough exercise that my body needs.