Google is helping people become financially literate in these three ways.


People can learn personal finance by typing their questions onto Google’s search bar. They can learn tips about investing for beginners and creating a budget. Google’s search algorithms attempt to populate results with credible sources. As a result, people will become familiar with trustworthy websites, such as Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. 

In addition, people can read multiple articles on one topic. This is how they can analyze information across multiple websites. Information repeated on different websites is more likely to be true. If a user is unsure about a vocabulary term, they can execute a query for that word. Users will develop financial expertise if they relentlessly hunt down the answers to their questions.


People can also become financially literate by watching videos on YouTube, which is a company that Google owns. This is a great option for people who do not enjoy reading. Scanning blocks of text may be boring to them. There are a lot of content creators within the personal finance niche; some of them simply treat financial education as a hobby. Others are licensed professionals who manage money for wealthy individuals. 

Users should become acquainted with the different types of videos. Some creators simply turn on the camera and start talking. Others use pictures to illustrate their points. These videos are great for visual learners—they can follow examples one step at a time. They can also pause the video or rewind if they get confused. Doing these things can help people learn concepts at their own pace.


Google is disrupting higher education by offering career certificate programs. Job seekers can learn new skills by registering for free online courses. One of these courses is about entrepreneurship. People can learn how to finance their business ideas and make their dreams come true. 

They can also learn how to build a startup without debt. These concepts are not just applicable to entrepreneurs. They are relevant to anybody who has a credit score. Therefore, the public can benefit from taking this course.

Overall, Google helps people make better financial decisions by offering free educational tools.