It seems strange that something as seemingly insignificant as mindset can change your life — but it can, and it has for dozens of self-help gurus and entrepreneurs. Think about the greats like Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, and Gary Vaynerchuk, who preach the power of using your mind to change your life. These three teachers and their philosophies were sources of inspiration for Colin Yurcisin, a credit card expert and founder of the wildly popular course Credit Class, when he was graduating from college.

According to Yurcisin, changing his confidence and moving his mindset to a growth mindset were the most instrumental changes made in his life journey.

“In college, I was lost. I partied all the time, trying to fit in, and was struggling with confidence because of acne,” Yurcisin shared. When he graduated from college, he was already $20,000 in debt, with a job that paid $38,000 per year. “I absolutely hated my situation I created for myself, and wanted a way out of it,” he noted. “So, I took out a $20,000 personal loan from the bank and invested it into a get-rich-quick scam, thinking it could be my way out of debt. It wasn’t — and I lost all $20,000.”

Now with $40,000 in debt and the realization that he would have to spend over eight years in his current 9-5 job to pay it off, Yurcisin knew he was faced with a choice: he could believe he was a victim to his circumstances, or adopt a growth mindset. He did the latter, built up a business, and now runs a very successful course with a Facebook group with over 250 students and travels the world in luxury and five star amenities for next to nothing. Here are his three tips on how to tap into your own growth mindset and confidence.

1. Abandon the victim mindset.

“The most central part of adopting a growth mindset is understanding that things happen FOR you, not to you,” said Yurcisin. “I could have believed that my life sucked, that I would be stuck in this terrible job forever to pay off debt and live with restrictions, but I had to believe that my life was up to me – – just like yours’ is up to you.” Instead, Yurcisin used his current situation as the motivation to build a better life for himself. He knew that he had to experience the feeling of restriction to crave non-negotiable freedom in the way that he did, because that craving encouraged him to find a way to live a life of true freedom.

2. Go all in on your vision.

It’s not enough to just have the mindset – you have to take the action to boot, too. “Once I decided the life that I wanted, I locked myself in my room, stopped going out, and invested all my time and my little bit of disposable income into learning everything there is to know about credit,” said Yurcisin. “Books, seminars, online courses – you name it.” This single, narrow laser vision is necessary to succeed, and it’s a true test of just how badly you want the life that’s waiting for you. “I sacrificed my social life and re-invested all of my money into my business,” said Yurcisin. He credits that as one of the most major reasons he has succeeded.

3. Have confidence in the value you offer.

Finally, Yurcisin found his own confidence through learning valuable advice and strategies that helped hundreds of thousands of students. But at first, he just had to help a few people. “I started posting Instagram stories about credit and credit repair, and ended up helping so many people for free,” he reflected. He had to build his confidence over time by hearing people’s testimonials and seeing how he was helping — and, of course, putting the strategies to work in his own life and seeing how everything he was learning really worked.

What it comes down to is action. But to take action, you have to believe in yourself and your ability to change your circumstances, which requires a growth mindset. To learn more about how Yurcisin travels the world and lives a life of freedom by leveraging credit, check out