He has Italian and Dutch origins, loves sports cars and is an established young entrepreneur: here is Alessandro Donzella. He might seem like a guy like many others, but he is a very rich entrepreneur who deals with luxury cars. Alessandro Donzella, however, is one who has made it on his own, thanks to his commitment and hard work. And he has achieved really important goals, even though he is still very young.

Let’s find out more about how you can have success as a Youtuber Star with some tricks shared by Alessandro Donzella.

First of all, it takes some personal skills. First, creativity, followed by knowledge of the medium you are going to use. It takes foresight and the ability to imagine the future needs of your audience.Constancy and commitment are very important to create a solid and continuous editorial plan. Finally, you need that ability, a little innate and a little acquired with the right exercises, to know how to stand in front of a camera.The mix is completed by a lot of web marketing studies and updates on the evolving features of the platform, as well as a very important bit of luck.

YouTuber: the tools to get started

It takes very little to “air” on YouTube: a camera, an Internet connection, creating a YouTube channel and a bit of timing.Yes, because maybe having the idea of the century and putting it on air when everyone has it is almost useless. On the other hand, you don’t have to improvise: you have to talk about a topic you know in depth, using the language of the audience you are addressing. That’s why, sometimes, interacting with your audience can be very important.

Interacting with the audience

YouTubers have one very important trait in common with influencers: interaction with their audience. Involving the audience is fundamental to create engagement, a magic word that indicates the creation of the bond that drives a user to return to the channel.To create a real relationship with your followers, you have to interact, respond to every single comment with your own, very personal style. Because let’s remember it: the internet is a place inhabited by the expression of real people, with whom you can really interact. For this reason, in addition to the number of interactions, it is important that they are of quality. Moreover, sometimes it can be the public itself to suggest topics to talk about. That’s why YouTubers often ask their followers, at the end of their videos, to suggest topics for future videos.

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