There are many techniques that cross our minds whenever we try to think about ways to overcome stress and depression. Of course, stress is almost inevitable in life. Hence, we are not suggesting ways to completely get rid of it, but instead, to simply reduce it and cope with it better.

The first methods that usually come to mind are either exercising, meditating, yoga, or journaling. While these methods are in fact, very effective. Reducing stress isn’t exclusive to them.

Although the techniques above can be all that a person needs to feel better, in addition to having their loved ones around and feeling their support, this article is dedicated to the little furry creatures we can have around, that can make us feel just as good.

We acknowledge that some people’s lifestyle is not convenient for them to adopt a pet. Yet, for those of you who can,  you should definitely go for it. Welcoming a new member to the family can be all the therapy you need to reduce your stress and depression.

Get Ready For A Better Mood

One of the worst things about stress or depression is that they both come with extreme mood swings. One moment you feel happy and on top of the world. Then, suddenly, you start feeling like you lost all hope, and everything you are doing or going through is meaningless.

This is when our furry friends’ magical effect manifests. It is during those down moments that your dog makes you feel a thousand times better. How? Simply by starring at you with their cute little puppy eyes, and snuggling next to you, reminding you that you’re not alone in what you are going through.

Your Dedicated Listener

We can all agree that sharing our problems and concerns can leave us feeling so much better. Yet, no matter how supportive our loved ones can be, we sometimes prevent ourselves from sharing with them in fear of sounding like we are complaining too much, or that one day they would get tired of listening to our problems or simply to give them time to share and for us to listen to them in return.

This is not necessarily bad. However, it’s different with a pet. What’s makes talking to a pet better is the complete comfort you will be feeling when sharing your worries with them. They won’t get tired, interrupt or even judge. They simply listen, and that is enough.

Your Reason To Be More Active

There is so much we can learn from pets, and so many positive habits they can help us implement in our daily life. One of these habits is the daily walks. While it might seem exhausting to do every morning or evening, it has a lot of benefits to your own health, not only your dog’s happiness, since walking can reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure.

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