Let’s face it, your career is annexing all your time. You don’t even have time to visit your doctor.  In other words, you are sabotaging your own health without knowing it!

But, since you’re up and doing, you think all is well.

Not taking into consideration the long hours we spend at work. Or the emotional and mental trauma we bring upon ourselves.

Given how much time most of us spend at work, neglecting our health is a certainty. That is why a bulk of health issues today are work related.

Perhaps you can be nicer to yourself if you know the benefits of attending to your health promptly. But you need to know where to look for what.

Let’s together consider these broad areas of your health so that you can go to sleep.

1.      Mental health                     

For most of us, some events have affected our mental health adversely in the past. Certainly yes. It’s not about self-righteousness, it’s the reality. But your mental health is not to be joked with.

So you’ve got to check your habits and practices. Any habits that can constitute threats to your mental health must be shunned.

Not having adequate night rest is an example that readily comes to mind. Overworking is another.

Remember, depression is often as a result of overwork and so is burnout.

You will be greatly well off if you can look at your everyday habits and drop the negative ones.

2.      Physical health

Absence of disease and your fitness level are two major factors used in determining your physical health status. If your health means anything to you at all, then you must take your physical health seriously.

You need to be on the lookout for any signs of illness and, at the same time, stay away from practices that are capable of undermining your health.

You need to be particular about the following:

–              Your lifestyle. It should not be sedentary, your diet must be rich and smoking should be                 avoided.

–              Your environment. No toxic substances, no smoke in the air etc.

–              Access to good healthcare. Avail yourself of the opportunities of modern medicine. Good                 healthcare services effectively prevent illnesses, detect illness and treats illness.

 3.     Sexual health

One other aspect of your health that requires good attention is the sexual and reproductive health. Many experts have espoused that sex is one of the basic needs of human beings.

But it’s surprisingly still difficult for some people to discuss their sexual health with even a doctor. And this is not entirely their faults. The society contributes a lot to the problem.

Well, if you’re the shy type, a Private GUM Clinic may be what you need. There, you’ll surely get every discreet sexual health check service that you require.

Final submission

Your happiness depends on your physical health, mental health, and sexual health… to cut it short, your general health status. You must ensure you get a clean slate with each. Though your general health is the big picture, you still need to attend to certain minute aspects.