If you are considering making money from producing videos, photography, and shooting, then be prepared to make several hard, but informed decisions. The current world that we are living in is primarily dominated and driven by video content and television. This trend also prompts the rising number of jobs and opportunities in the area of video production. But what is the right way to prepare yourself? Meet the Dubai-based photographer and founder of W Studio, Hikmat Wehbi, who has earned his place as an industry leader. 

Hikmat Wehbi is an accomplished photographer, Director of Photography, and founder of W Studio. He was born on 28th July in Beirut Lebanon and is of Lebanese origin. He grew up with an immense passion for art and photography knows and understands what the world of content and video production demands. Even though photography and art had always been a part of Wehbi’s childhood, he pursued his passion only after moving to Dubai, UAE, in his early adulthood. In very little time, he founded his company, W Studio, which is now one of the oldest photo and video production houses in Dubai. What started as a basic photography studio soon turned into a full-fledged video production house that adapts and caters to the ever-changing dynamics of the market. 

From fashion photography and solo portraits to managing clients like Chalhoub Group, Google, Dubai Parks & Resorts, Chanel, Dior, Carolina Herrera, and L’Oréal, Wehbi and W Studio have come a long way in a career spanning more than 20 years. Today, W Studio is a leading production house with an in-house team of designers, social media experts, production personnel, and content specialists. W Studio is continuously raising the bar, and receiving recognition from clients and the industry alike. In 2017, one of Hikmat’s clients won an Effie Award through a work collaboration with W Studio for Google. Speaking on his journey so far, Wehbi said, “My journey in the world of photography and video-based content has been very organic. I’ve always wanted to push my limits and explore new avenues. Once I established W Studio, there was no looking back.” 

Wehbi has juggled multiple careers, from advertising to hospitality, digital to social media content, and now photography and video production. He believes the only key to progress is learning what talents and skills people have to offer. With a long list of clients and a portfolio built over the years, Wehbi strongly emphasizes the importance of creating a robust, reliable, and diverse team of professionals. One of W Studio’s greatest strengths is a team of versatile professionals. Each of them brings something unique to the table.

Speaking on the kind of clients he likes to work with, Wehbi said, “I’m more attracted to the clients who are experimental, love to take chances, and are easily-adaptive. Also, not to forget, there’s nothing better than having clients that trust us and permit creativity to prosper, without hampering the creative process. It helps us yield compelling results..”

In times to come, Wehbi shares his desire to work with brands and individuals who have an eye for narrating their story with a pinch of creativity and simplicity.  


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