Life can be draining on your mental health, and if your home is designed the wrong way, it can actually make your mental health worse rather than better. Your home should be a place of comfort and stability, not a place of stress. Certain components of home design are shown to impact a person’s mind in particular; when used correctly, your home can be stress-reducing and lessen any anxiety and depression you might have. Here are a few of those components. 


Because it’s a mood lifter, sunlight is crucial in helping reduce the effects of depression. Whether you’re going outside to get your sunlight or opening a window, being exposed to sunlight can boost your happiness; when you don’t have a steady stream of sunlight, you’re more likely to feel anxious or upset. Additionally, sunlight can motivate and energize you at work and at home—this is why ensuring that your home has an adequate amount of sunlight is vital to your health. Open up your windows to let natural light in rather than relying on artificial light. 


A spacious home is often preferable to a crowded living space, thanks in part to the way space elevates your mood. This doesn’t necessarily mean your home needs to be large; a sense of spaciousness is enough to create a happier atmosphere at home. Decluttering your home and shifting the layout of each room can make your home feel more open and airy. Figuring out an organization technique that works for you can reduce anxiety and being overwhelmed by the items in your home, making it the perfect place to foster positive mental health.


Nature doesn’t have to stay outdoors—having plants in your home is a great way to elevate your mood, improve concentration and memory retention, and reduce stress. Many houseplants are natural air filters, which help to reduce allergens and increase the air quality in your home. Bringing flowers into your home can assist in creating a positive atmosphere while reducing the likelihood of depression, making your home more calming and relaxing for yourself and any visitors.


Having bare walls in your home can be boring. Bringing art into your home will not only add personality to each room, but it’ll have a positive impact on your mood and mental health as well. Be careful when selecting art to hang up: some art cultivates negative emotions rather than positive ones. Select art in any medium that matches your world outlook to help reduce anxiety and stress. The art doesn’t have to be expensive; it can be a print you bought or something you made yourself.