Employee Concerns

For the fruitful growth of the company, it is necessary to take care of the employees. Especially with the Indian working culture, it becomes a crucial matter. The organizations are more focused on the output of the tasks and may lack in paying adequate attention to their workers’ well-being. Also, it is mandatory for every firm to adhere to the rules and regulations for successfully running their business. Many organizations are not able to successfully balance workers-related concerns with the specified set of rules.  

With the passage of time, it affects the workforce’s productive nature, and they feel as if their work does not get appreciated over there. Keeping this scenario in mind, the HR department has to think of some awesome tactics that significantly improve employees’ welfare following the laws.

This article shows the areas that HR managers can find to build strategies that combinedly focus on the regulations and employees’ responsibilities.

Factors Demanding Equality In Working Process 

In the business sector, every organization considers successful following of rules at the topmost stage. The HR department is the one that suffers from difficulties in building the ways that successfully abide by regulations for handling workers-related concerns. Also, they have to care that there may be a probability of future changes that demand rework on the developed strategies.   

The firms that provide services related to the statutory compliances in India have to take care they remain updated with the changes made in the rules and regulations. Regulatory compliances are all about taking care of all the legal frameworks exhibited in the Indian working culture. It affects the areas like workers’ safety, their health-related concerns, and employment factors. 

Following are some of the areas that demand the involvement of such efforts.


Hiring the right candidate is the foremost requirement for every company to grow effectively. Therefore it demands much effort of the HR department in finding the right talent. Equal Employment Opportunity is one of the crucial laws passed by the government that demands to give identical chances to all genders to shape their career. 

HR should consider it and open the vacancies for all candidates to participate in recruitment equally. Despite thinking about applicants’ gender, pay attention to their skills and capabilities for performing well for the organization. Make necessary changes in the recruitment strategies that give more importance to the job-seekers talent by providing equal chances.


After the completion of the month, every employee is waiting for their salary amount. It is a crucial element that affects their retention rate with the company. HR must decide workers’ salaries keeping in mind the minimum wages law. There should not be any case of exploitation with them. In such a situation, workforces cannot think to further continue with the company. They feel like their work efforts are not recognized by them, and the firm only cares for their targets. It affects the productivity of the workers. HR has to consider the occurrence of such a situation and must provide wages, including incentives for performing well. 

Safety Matters The Most

For any person, their safety concern is at the initial stage. Companies should completely abide by the government’s safety and health act to assure safety to all the staff members in the working area. The HR department is responsible for the same. They have to guide workers about the safety measures the firm is having to use in case of any emergency issue. 

The organization will be solely responsible for any harm caused to the workers’ health. If a firm fails to take necessary precautions for the workers, it becomes difficult for them to continue with the organization. For the company’s healthy growth, the management team should consider this matter’s seriousness and should take essential cautions.

Also, for remote employees, giving them the necessary systems to complete their job and maintaining them becomes the prime job of every organization. To do so in the best and applicable way, the right option is to use asset tracking software as it will automatically manage all the tasks related to the allocated systems. By framing WFH policies and adding them to the tool, all your jobs get completed. 

This mutually cares for the employees’ workability and the company’s concerns related to the devices.  

Allow To Take Leaves

Every employee needs some break from their daily schedule to regain their energy to perform their duties well. The case of taking leave becomes more severe for medical issues. The organization should consider it as an important matter and must support the respective employee in that situation. Such leaves should not result in losing their jobs. For that reason, a specified set of regulations is necessary to develop to manage such incidents. There must be a minimum span for taking medical leave, and even after that, if the employee can’t serve the company, they can opt for alternative options.           


Human Resource is the key element that handles all the employee-related concerns. Along with that, they are linked with many duties of the organizations. To plan any strategies for the workers, the HR department has to consider whether it is following the regulations or not. Also, they have to take care that it does not wrongly impact the employees. For that reason, it is an ultimatum for HR managers to equally handle both the matters that work together for the betterment of the business.