Hearing about hypnosis might make remind of fictional mysterious characters or the ones from stage performers. But my real, powerful, and advanced Hypnosis is something else entirely and not quite like the ones that are shown in movies or for entertainment purposes. They show you mystical figures waving their specialized pocket watch to people and they turn into sleepy puppets which the figure can control. It isn’t that simplified and we’re here to discuss how it works.

The popular misconceptions are nowhere near the actual mind spirit body hypnosis, and it shows. There are several key concepts of actual helpful hypnosis that differ from these misconceptions. In hypnosis states, the client isn’t exactly open to suggestions for everything like in the movies. The relationship between the Certified Hypnotist and the subject doesn’t become like a puppet master and a puppet. It’s never like that because the subject still has free will over the trance. And most importantly, the subject isn’t unconscious or asleep while being in hypnosis. It’s the other way around since their focus gets enhanced in a hypnosis state. The client never loses control or is never unaware of their actions or surroundings.

Connection With Cognition

There are multiple research studies recently completed describing the connection between Hypnosis and cognition. There are some studies that give some background about Hypnosis being a specific set of techniques for getting control over selective attention and that’s not all. And this study has been done for a long time to link hypnosis with cognition. Hypnosis has been used to connect different types of perceptions in the past and it has several benefits.

Guided suggestions while being in a Hypnosis state can induce agnosia. This means it can block out your brain to recognize certain external trigger points to help you deal with irrational fears or anxiety. But hypnosis is a very important practice that should never be done by amateur practitioners since it can result in tragic events as it has happened before.

There are different changes shown in the brain while it’s under hypnotic trance. The most recognizable information was from studies done on the human brain from EEGs. Multiple research groups have been completed on this specific field and it shows different brain waves get produced under hypnosis trance. It also produces different electrical voltage in the brain which gets changed under different types of mental states.

How It Affects Behavior

What Hypnosis does is that it addresses your subconscious mind and helps it understand certain aspects accordingly. The subconscious mind is a very powerful place and it’s certainly several times more powerful than the average conscious mind. The problem is that it’s hard to access the subconscious mind but with Hypnosis, it gets somewhat easier. That’s why it’s one of the most effective and ideal options to reverse your bad habits. Not only that, but it can also help you reduce anxiety and phobias as well.

Taking your subconscious mind and training it to break negative patterns of the behavior of the subject is something that’s been done for a long time through hypnosis. In a hypnosis session, I will complete a Hypnotic induction and proceed to the root cause of the issue with the assistance of advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Timeline Therapy. Hypnosis can help the client with self-confidence, boost your athletic performance, reduce anxiety, get rid of phobia or deal with physical pain, hypnosis can be considered as a natural method to deal with them all. And that’s how it works by clarifying difficult issues for your mind to adapt.