Three Simple and Easy Steps to Achieve Mindset Daily.

It’s 6am and the alarm is going off, you have two choices to either hit the snooze or get up like a zombie and start your day.  So which choice is it going to be?  I’ll wait. 

It is not a secret that mindset in very important in today’s world.  From the global pandemic to all the negative news we get bombarded with on a daily basis, it is not a wonder that depression is sky rocketing.  Many of the guru’s such as Tony Robbins, Sarah Robbins, Eric Worre, and Bob Proctor will say that your mindset is the key to success but what do they do to get ready for the day and to avoid all the noise that is coming from the world? 

Let me tell you my story.  I graduated college from a state university in Illinois.  Upon graduation, I went on to work for a large education corporation and I thought I was living the dream.  When you graduate college, this is the expectation, getting the degree will open the doors for a life of purpose and prosperity, right?  Moving forward ten years, I am married with two children and about ready to lose our home due to the market crash.  Did my large organization care that I needed more money to stay living- no they did not.  Jumping another few years and I was still working for the large corporations and I found out my son had autism.  Did they care that my son had a disability?  I will let you answer that question on your own.   As time continued to move forward, I began my journey in self-development and mindset.  I had stumbled across a man by the name of Jim Rohn and he infatuated me with his commonsense ideals and viewpoints.  He explored the different seasons, network marketing, and the law of numbers.  This opened the door to me exploring a little move by Rhonda Byrne called The Secret where I was introduced to Bob Proctor and many other mindset gurus.   I tried many different forms from metaphysical to hypnosis, white candle meditation, subliminal messages, and affirmations.  Being someone that gets bored easily, these processes did not keep my attention and were eventually shelved like a good business plan from a consultant agency.  I eventually could not stand working in corporate America any longer and new something needed to change. 

Present day, I was introduced to a process that has begun to change my life, my income, and my mindset.  It is based on physics (science) and vibrations?  The Law of Attraction, as The Secret put it, states that our thoughts are energy and vibrations that we put out into the world.  If we put out good vibrations and good will materialize in our lives.  Witchcraft, right?  Well it works.  This process that I found works and not some mystical genie in a bottle.   Here is how I did my mindset transformation.

  1. You must mediate- I use the application Calm on my I-phone- 15- 20 minutes per day.  This helps get me in the right vibrations and set for the day- (it is very weird when you finish mediating- you might feel a sense of relaxation and newness. Be warned.)
  2. You must affirm and be grateful- without gratitude you are doomed to live a life of what might have been.  Write 4-5 self-affirming affirmation that speak to you.  For example: I am the master of my life or I am in charge of my behavior.
  3. You must read or listen to podcasts or audio books to help you with your vibrations- without a consistent self-development routine, working in an office job 9-5 will be your reality.  I listen to Eric Worre, Jim Rohn, Hal Elrod, and many different mastermind groups that I belong too.

I really wanted to keep my routine as simple as possible as it is very easy to jump off the yellow brick road on your way to see the wizard.  Man, I love those apples.  The key points are you must change your mindset and your vibrations.  It is as easy as 1-2-3 to get started, see above.  It takes time to develop your practice, but I know you can do it.  You never know what you might attract into your life?

To finish up my story, I get up like a zombie, brush my teeth, drink a large glass or water, and feed my cats.  This wakes me up so that I can start my day with some good self-development or mediation. 

Dr. Daniel Zimmerman is a consultant, trainer, and university professor of management.  Dr. Zimmerman practices the art of attraction marketing in his business and is an avid network marketer with over ten streams of income. Please like him on Facebook at Online Business Trainer Pro.