December 2019 marked the beginning of the worst phase in my life. Ironically, it also was the last month of the horrible year I had been enduring, since January 2019. Wow, I’m still alive!!! That’s right, folks! You have got to pat yourselves on your backs for surviving all your personal and professional problems.

I am 25 years old and am hardly a few years into the corporate world. And here I am, suffering the second setback of my career already.

During my second job, there was a time I was facing pressure from my manager that it took a toll on my health. I collapsed at work, thanks to a non-epileptic seizure. I took almost two weeks off from work to heal. When I read about Ms. Arianna Huffington’s stressful episode, it felt truly personal. It left me doubting my boss’s right to control my mental and physical health. Even if I am out of job right now, I am glad I am getting the time to heal my mind, soul, and body. That’s my gratitude speaking.

I am an out-and-out introvert, with the smallest social circle and an only child as well. Well, for most kids with overprotective parents, I can feel your frustration. Staying at home with them, in this lockdown can be a tad overwhelming too, but trust me, this too shall pass. This period is extremely challenging because we are all social animals. We are so used to being outdoors, and well, I do understand how the poor animals in the zoo must feel.

It takes a lot of effort and willpower to draw all our inner strength out, to survive this pandemic, and let’s believe we will. No matter what happens, we must harbor only positive thoughts. I make it a point to practice at least 15 minutes of meditation everyday, followed by alternate days of light workout sessions. Yes, I have seen all the lockdown challenges and Instagram stories that claim to motivate other people.

But let me get this fact straight. Social media does not always make one feel good/positive. Instead, I am currently taking a non-social media challenge of living a positive life for 21 days. I limit my social media usage everyday, exercise for 10 minutes at the minimum, and stay away from my phone for a while. Like most millenials, I too have sleep issues and do not close my eyes until the wee hours of the next day.

Yes, the pandemic has also brought about sleep issues in most of us. 2020 brings a whole new level of uncertainty in the coming months. Let’s beat the Coronavirus with our determination and positivity. Mother Earth is healing. So shall we. Take utmost good care of yourselves. Love thyself. Stay safe. Cheers!