Several years ago, my life was a chaotic stream of affairs, worries and events. After the divorce, I worked two jobs (full-time on each), graduated from school of dietetics, wrote a diploma, blogged, held webinars, raised two fairly young children (now they are 4 and 9 years old), ran on dates and almost I didn’t meet with friends every day. (Have you got it in your eyes yet?)

At the same time, I managed to read a bunch of educational literature, go to the gym and travel several times a year. But answering questions in an interview about how I do everything, I wanted to shout: “Yes, I do not have time!”

Don’t trust happy Instagram photos. You will never know the truth about how these successful people live and feel. I really WOULD LIKE everything. But a lump of tension grew inside – because I wanted to do even more, I was always unhappy with the result. And in general, as I understand now, I was just running away from myself.

I overwhelmed myself with business and communication. It was not at all necessary for me to have two jobs – one Danish salary was enough to live on for me and my children. But I have ambitions I want to live only at the expense of diet! Even my dog has a diet from Needing admiration and attention after a painful divorce, I ran non-stop on dates. It seemed to me that it raised my self-esteem. But in fact, I wasted my energy and time with strangers. I rushed through life at a frantic pace. At first, they did not appear every day, or even every week. I sinned for a lack of iron, but blood tests showed the norm, and dizziness, meanwhile, became more frequent. By March of this year, they had become so strong that I wondered if I had the right to get behind the wheel. It became scary …

I removed as much as possible situations that provoke stress. Stress is an overload in both the number of activities and the amount of negative emotions. Do you really need fitness five times a week? Or can you limit yourself to two workouts, but increase the number of walks? If your job is annoying, maybe it’s time to change it? I myself have drastically reduced the number of visits to social networks. It only seems that there is a minute, there are two. During the day, there is a huge number of HOURS spent in front of the screen without a goal. I also made arrangements with my boss to cut weekly hours to free up more time for blogging and nutrition.

I have written a list of things and activities that bring me pleasure. This list should contain at least 20 items. Have you recorded it? Now add them all to the calendar. AND DO IT! You don’t forget about meeting with your superiors, so don’t forget about meeting with yourself. Planned an hour to read – read it. My personal list includes: massage, cooking, reading, going to a cafe, walking with my daughter, fooling around with my son (this can also be included in the plan to make sure to allocate time for this). Recently, a neighbor asked why I put my children to bed. I explained to her that first I read and lie with one until he falls asleep, and then I do the same with the other. And she told me: “You don’t have to do this at all.” And I understand that I don’t have to. But I CONSCIOUSLY devote almost an hour of my time to this every evening, because it gives me pleasure. Such an investment in today’s happiness and in future relationships with children.

I make time for myself. An hour a day, a day a week, a week a year … The more the better. This is the time when I, WITH A QUIET CONSCIENCE, can only do what I want right now. Wandering aimlessly with a silly gloss on the sofa, “stupidly” looking at the sunset, fooling around with children, walking around in pajamas all day (bachelor life bonus :)) … These activities can vary. But I make sure to set aside one day a week when I’m not working. Usually it is Saturday. On this day, I do everything without plans and in the mood. If the sun is outside the window, I go for a walk. If it’s raining, I can lie around with a book, slowly having breakfast and generally allowing myself to be lazy.