Two years ago when we got an email reply back from Arianna Huffington giving us an opportunity to write on this platform I didn’t understand how huge this feeling would be till now, when I am posting my first article here. 
I’m now 15, and I have changed a lot as a person since we started working on the book, in between school and my passion for bodybuilding and creating content around self-love it only got tougher as time went by.
I’ve learned to learn from people whom I want to become like, so I started reading books and listening to podcasts. 
Currently, I’m reading atomic habits a book that I know is changing me by giving me the awareness of how I am being shaped by my habits and giving me a parallel blueprint on what I should do to create better habits that will help me with school bodybuilding and being a creator online.

I volunteered at the world’s largest social media conference in San Diego last week and also launched my book, the people who met me and saw the actual book come to life showed me that people support you but they truly believe you when they see you deliver on what you said. 

It was a very good feeling, balancing this with the school was a journey, but till now we have created over  3500 US dollars and are slated to touch 8000 before the end of August and 10,000 by end of the year makes the effort worth it. 

My dad and I also connected with Mr. Ajay Jain who is opening new book stores and we have sent 10 books to him and his team to be able to see if he can keep our books in all his stores. 
We should hear back before I post my next article here. 

I also reached out to 10 bloggers and sent them my books to review, this should give us genuine reviews from some of the best bloggers in the field. 

What I learned was that getting the book together was only a part of the work done the marketing for an evergreen book like this will be forever. 
I want to say thank you to Arianna Huffington for supporting this daughter daddy venture ? (which started off as a daddy-daughter venture) and now I want teens my age to get their message out there, use some of the marketing and promotion ideas I have made in this article and follow my journey learn from what’s not or what is working for my book and incorporate this in your own journey. 

Lastly, never stop working on something beyond just school I learned that becoming an entrepreneur is helping me understand the subjects I learn in school better. 

Thank you for reading this post and I look forward to posting more on my journey as a teen Entrepreneur. 
Raya Arya