Mental Health

In my entire life I have heard people say that I am just too casual about my mental health and well-being to which I ought to ignore most of the times, until I actually underwent a severe panic attack at midnight, I was helpless and didn’t know what to do, how to call up a doctor or a close friend to ask for help. Somehow my case was resolved and I was back to normal, that night only I know how helpless I felt, and that is the day when my mind actually received a signal about how important mental health is, and I really need to take steps for its improvement.

Ever since,  I have been on a lifelong quest to take better care of myself. I have heard the term “self-care” which is currently and casually tossed around for years and it was pretty elusive for me.

While I knew exactly what I needed and actually wanted to be more compassionate toward myself, Well, I wasn’t sure how to actually start making positive changes in the midst of such heavy depression or a gripping panic attack, the last thing I felt capable of was a major lifestyle overhaul. I wish someone had handed me a how-to manual on being kind to myself, because I didn’t know where to begin. I took a Payday loan consolidation.

In order to seek help from psychologists, counsellors, and underwent various therapies, in the midst, I have come to realize that self-care isn’t a single life-improving hack. Rather, it is a series of small choices that add up to a healthier lifestyle.

After all what I planned and executed, though it went well but I knew this ain’t a permanent solution, so I began solving my issues, on my own. Yes, it sounds dramatic about how anxious or a depressed person can do that, but it actually worked.

I Created Mindfulness Moments!

When I was sick with depression and anxiety, mindfulness actually  helped me create a space where I could both acknowledge the pain I was in and also find peace and stability in the present. I found it helpful to create a “mindfulness moment” to repeat every day. The “moment” I created was walking along with my dog. When I would put on his leash and start to walk him down the block, I focused intently on what I was experiencing: I used to move out each day spending time alone just with the chirping of the birds, the sunlight filtering through the trees, the temperature of the air. For 10 minutes, I was immersed in the present moment, and I found that the walk helped me reconnect with my inner strength. I felt a sense of peace by noticing the natural beauty around me.

Relaxing Bedtime Routine

I’ve struggled with sleeping for years, which is clearly natural for an anxious person to struggle with, whereas because I have trouble falling asleep, I stop doing any stressful or work-related activities by 8:00 pm. I try not to have social engagements on work nights because it’s hard to wind down afterward. Sometimes, I do a quick bedtime yoga routine . Next, I prepare myself a hot cup of herbal tea and head upstairs to bed. I give myself a good 30 minutes to read before the time I would like to fall asleep, and I avoid getting on the computer or looking at email. 

Write My Thoughts Down!

I realised this is a form of psychological well-being but this really works. Each of my five senses is important and engages different parts of my brain, and affects my mood. Along with writing down everything, it helped me down. I love using essential oils to cope with anxiety — I carry a bottle of lavender oil in my purse and if I begin to feel afraid or unsettled, I pull it out and breathe in the aroma 10 times.


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