Biohacks to Grow Muscles In Less Time

 What I’ve done in 12 weeks is not solely because of my previous training since 2009. In fact, it has very little do with the improper training I did over and over again. 

By the way, I purposefully use a particular language to directly impact the guys who are reading this article. My love is abundant for everyone regardless of gender expression. I love you!

My story:

The photo on the far left is an inspirational photo for me. I photoshopped my head on this guy’s body that weighs 180 LBs and is the same height as I am at 5’7”. The middle photo is the most recent picture before I started the program (taken on December 28, 2017). I was about 160 LBs. The last photo on the right is the most recent picture after I ended the program on October 17th, 2018 at 173 LBs.

At the end of each program, our body balances itself in such a way we may lose weight. This happens even though I gained naturally throughout the program. I chose not to include my picture exactly at the end of the program to reflect that balanced weight for improved accuracy. During this process, I also learned that my ideal body weight is actually 212 LBs. More on that on the next post!


Meal 1: 150g yam or sweet potato. 4 walnuts. 2 whole eggs. 150g egg white.

Meal 2: 40g whey protein. 20 almonds.

Meal 3: 250g white rice, 200g organic chicken breast

Meal 4: 200g white rice, 200g organic fish or organic chicken

Meal 5: 40g whey protein

Meal 6: 150g Pasta brown, 200g red meat

Meal 7: 40g whey protein

*Be mindful about consuming white rice because it does raise your insulin. I’ve done this blog post about insulin sensitivity you want to check out. White rice can be replace with brown rice. However, my body reacts poorly to brown rice also.

*Walnut and sweet potato did cause inflammation and acne for me. 

*Buy organic chicken from Costco

Vegetables and Fruit:

No fruit.

I blended 100g Parsley, 1 lime, 100g Cilantro, 2–5 tsp. olive oil, himalayan salt, 1 beet, a cucumber and tomato. As for other veggies, I’d just casually chew on them 🙂


Sometimes I feel like bodybuilders try to act as if they are all natural when they’re not. Sometimes they also hide a few things so people can’t do it all themselves. Well, guess what I’m sharing 100% with you. Nothing is missing! Go knock yourself out! 😉

  1. Vitamin D: 2000- 10,000 IU
  2. Spirulina: 1000
  3. Magnesium bisglycinate: 600 mg
  4. L-glutamine: 10mg
  5. Zinc: 15 mg
  6. B1: 100 mg
  7. B6: 250 mg
  8. Fish oil and Krill oil: 2000.
  9. Curcumin 600 mg
  10. Mass gainer Naked Mass. I don’t have a great appetite (typical with natural bodybuilders) so having an additional 2000 calories is very much needed

Notice that although I share those supplement names and their dosage with you, your body may be different. If you have followed my work. you know by now I know down to the number of specific bacterias in my gut!! I’m mega conscious of what my body needs or responds to well.


Feb Workout: 12,10,9,8

This would look like you do 12 reps in your first set. 10 reps in 2nd set and so on.

March Workout: 12,12,12,12

April Workout: 11,10,9,8

Monday: Chest and Biceps; 

Chest Press Machine

Smith Machine Inclined

Smith Machine Press

Smith Machine Declined

Preacher Curl with a bar

Curl Machine

Biceps curl with a cable machine (use a V shape grip)

Tuesday: Back;

Row Machine from Inside grip

Row Machine from outside grip

Pull down cable wide grips

Pull down cable short grips

Cable Pull (row)

Bonus: T-bar row

Shrugs 4 sets of 11

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: Shoulders and Triceps;

Lateral Raises machine

Smith Machine Push Press

Smith Machine Push Press from Behind Neck

Shoulder Press with Dumbells

Cable Reverse Fly

Triceps Extention Machine

Cable Machine Push down

Triceps Reverse Push Down cable

Friday: Legs;

Leg extension Machine

Leg press inclined Machine



Leg Curl Machine

Calves with either Leg press machine or standing calve raises

Saturday: REST


Rest in between sets: 10–20 seconds.


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