The year 2020 was an example of uncertain times & not for only one person or one country. The whole world is facing an unpredictable time. Besides, in this entire year, many things have changed globally & in a human being. Internally & externally. The things that are changing externally are now our “New Normal,” but the main thing is how we can deal with the changes happing internally, In our Mind, In our heart. 

Therefore, 2020 is just ending & 2021 is knocking on the door. Today’s motive is to tell you how I kept myself healthy & positive during these uncertain times.

First things first, I will try to point out all the ways I have applied to stay fit & positive during this whole year.

Know the Facts properly:

During the starting of the year, everything was normal, we have all started this year full of enthusiasm but within 3 to 4 months its started changing because of COVID – 19 (A Virus) that changed all the things in the world. Also, during the corona’s start, lots of fear & fake news spread through social media & we all started thinking that everything is going to end. This year may be our last year. The same thing happened to me also. Then I started realizing that lots of fake news are spreading & we need to control the counterfeit facts we are consuming every day. And I found that we are the only reason behind the situation we are creating in our mind, In our family & society. I started researching on knowing the facts on the internet & reduced watching TV news channels. As everything was stopped in our day to day life & country was in lockdown. So, I got lots of free time to research on the internet. When I started doing this, I quickly understood, “how can I keep myself & my family members safe from this coronavirus.” I began to follow Govt rules to stay my self & family members safe & also started sharing the actual news about COVID in my society. This one step of mine helped me all community to stay safe from Covid. 

Set A Limit of Information Intake:

As I already said, the First thing I have done is set a limit of information I am intaking & learned filtering the information which is fake & which is actual. Because nowadays, social media is so viral that phony news spread more than the real story. Limiting the information intake was a great step for me to stay positive during the whole year.

Remember that Stress is normal in an abnormal situation:

Stress is always expected in an abnormal situation. Sometimes taking some stress in uncertain times helps us find the solution to the problem quickly. But the main concern is how you handle stress. In my opinion, everyone should learn stress management & should include in their habit. If you can easily control your stress, it may help solve your problems even in an abnormal situation.

Structure your day:

A whole country was in lockdown, and we had no time limit for anything we are doing in our day to day life. As the same thing also happened to me, its creating started creating a bad habit in me. Within a month, I have increased some pounds of weight & started staying all day as a lazy day. Soon, I understood the thing; I completely started changing my lifestyle & structured my day as a routine. Also, I got enough time, and I started following my passion, Blogging about SEO & Technology. Its helps me to learn some new thing in digital marketing & boosted my knowledge base.

Get Good Sleep is essential:

As we were staying all day in our home only, hence there are approx. No physical works we were doing. So, At night also we are not feeling so much sleepy. So, we were chilling with families with a good movie or web series. This was also a great reason for feeling laziness the whole day. As I changed my lifestyle, I started taking min 8 hours of sleep at night to keep myself active during the daytime.

Reacquainted with your hobbies:-

As I started following my passion, I have learned & created my first ever Pritam’s Portfolio website & Learnt great things during this whole year. Also, I have written some great articles & learned about SEO Tools & Strategy to win SEO goals in the coming years. Also learned how to get traffic from ON Page & Off-Page SEO. By following these steps, I have always stayed motivated & I decide if anything happens uncertain, then these passive income methods will always help me in the future.

Yoga or Exercise:

One more step I have included in my day to day lifestyle was Light Yoga & Exercise. This helps me stay focused on my goal & I can always feel fresh after doing some light yoga & exercise in the morning.

Take Professional Help:

Do not think that you are the one & only professional & best knowing person of everything. That’s a good habit of seeking others’ help to solve any issue of mine & in return you can also help others in which you are best. 

Be a Service:

If you always think that I will do only things that are only good for me, you will not go a long way in your life. Always remember that sharing is caring. So, always try to provide some expertise to the others who are needed at most & In return you can also seek professional service from others. This is the only way we can all go a long way in our life & have a happy, meaningful life.