Ever since Covid 19 lockdown announcement, my Linkedin feed is flooded with posts about internships being rescinded.

It’s painful to see the pandemic impacting the people and economy. Two years back, I got an internship from Indian Institute of Management, Amritsar in an Insurance firm with a 10k stipend. I informed home and just like any middle-class family, they asked me about the opportunities my friends secured, which were better than mine.

“Does it look like an IIM Internship? Why are you wasting your time and our money?” Phone disconnected.

It felt awful. I thought, why did I study for CAT (Common Admission Test)? Is 10k rupees is my value in the job market? I decided this isn’t my destiny, and I must do something.

I rebuilt my CV and started applying for an internship. Within a week I was rejected by more than 50 companies.

But I didn’t lose hope. Then, a mail arrived.

“Your application has been shortlisted for further review at Google.” After two rounds of eliminations, I got an internship at Google. Was I lucky? I don’t think so.

The selection criteria was grilling. HR said from 21000 applications, I was among the 20 selected and secured despite the 0.0009% chance of selection at Google.

I am as common as you are, but I know one more try is the key.