As a young boy I used to love everything art. It was all around me. My elder brother is a writer, the best in the world. He started writing in his early teen years and as a boy I grew watching him write poems to girls and all. I really loved them and it always amazed me. Now I am an established song and article writer.

Television and my dad’s boom box on the other hand introduced me to music. My love for music can be mostly blamed on Hip Hop artist, Lil Wayne, whom I grew watching on TV shows.

Drawing was one of the last talents I discovered I had, second to singing. I realized I could draw in high school. Those digestive system biology drawings that noone could draw, I easily drew. They came out so great I knew there was something more to it.

Now I’m in my 20s, all these talents are what I do for a living. Theres definitely a great risk of getting burn out along the way. Balancing four different things all in one day everyday is not that simple. Mental health issues are real. Not to mention the danger these issues pose to one’s life.

So here is my secret to staying sane and burn out free, MARIJUANA.

Marijuana and Brain Health

As opposed to what many people (old people) may think, weed actually helps with mental health. I use it to prevent depression and re-energise my brain when I feel tired, especially when writing or drawing for long hours.

Smoking a joint while using methods like the pomodoro technique really helps. You should give it a try. I will discuss more on the effects of cannabis on the brain in my next piece.