Time is your most valuable asset; don’t you dare to waste it

The most frequent excuse that I gave to others was ‘I don’t have the time’. Now I know, I didn’t control my time. I didn’t have control over any part of my life. Let’s be clear, I could have everything in control but I let my work dictate how my schedule will look like.

After a while, I started to think about it. The time is passing, my life is passing me by and I will not notice it before it’s too late.

I found out the truth

I started to track every activity and how much time do I spend doing it. I was doing this for some time, just to get a clear picture of how my days look like.

The most time sucking activity that I was doing was snoozing my alarm. Yea, it’s true. From my data I was able to see that I was snoozing my alarm daily, for at least one hour.

How do I know that?

Well, I set the alarm for some time and every snooze will fire the alarm in the next 5 minutes. One hour after some snoozing I would get up from the bed.

Math’s easy here:

  • 1 hour per day
  • 1 hour * 30 days = 30 hours

It’s brutal but it’s the truth, I was losing 30 hours every month.

If I just get rid of this habit I would get 30 more hours every month. It’s really funny how this small activity was sucking my time for a long time. I am wondering, how many hours am I losing every month with other unused activities?

Yes, it’s wasted time

If I set the alarm to wake me up at 6 AM I keep snoozing it till at least 7 AM. Every few minutes alarm rings and I press the snooze button again. That means that I didn’t get any rest that hour, it fucked up my sleep time. It’s better to set the alarm for 7 AM and sleep for one more hour than to keep snoozing.

Even though every evening I decided that I will wake up at 6 AM, still I snoozed. I am not proud of it… I was used to staying in bed until the last minute and getting up just before I have to go to work. That snoozing part drained my energy and I was frustrated and tired all day long.

Don’t believe yourself in the morning

For me, it was always the same decision. I will just take a nap till next snooze, nothing bad will happen if I sleep 5 more minutes. A terrible mistake that I got used to.

You cannot trust yourself in the morning, you are not the same person in the evening and in the morning. There is no ‘just 5 more minutes’, just get out of bed and start your day.

Do it, don’t delay it

If you have the same problem that I had, try this. You have to get up in the first few seconds, before you have time to think about delaying getting up. We are humans, we are so good in overthinking basic things.

You set that alarm for 6 AM (or any other time) for a reason. Do it, don’t start to think about it. .

Get your ass out of bed. Unless you want to end up fat, broke and old move that fucking butt.

Originally published at medium.com