The journey of India’s next-gen enthusiasts like Shweta Mangal is all about travelling through an uncharted path

India’s next-gen is excelling in diverse domains with their out-of-the-box ideas to emerge as industry leaders in the upcoming years. The talented bunch of youngsters start with small ideas, gain experience and come roaring with their success.  They rarely stumble, only to rise with more hunger and dedication to take the industries by storm. 

However, they all have one thing in common— the conviction to make a difference through their ideas. They don’t get their ideas from a dedicated source, but find their opportunities in calamities.

One such example of India’s next-gen enthusiasts is Shweta Mangal, the Co-founder of Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. Shweta got her courage to take the less travelled road when her friend’s mother choked in sleep at midnight, and there was no emergency medical help available. She, along with her fellow entrepreneurs came up with an idea to start with an ambulance service. Once started, she never looked back before rolling out Ziqitza Healthcare Limited (ZHL). 

Ziqitza Healthcare quickly went on to become one of the leading emergency healthcare providers in India. It operates more than 3500 ambulances across 18 states in the country. 

But, India’s next gen doesn’t believe in stopping after overhauling a target. Similarly, the journey of Shweta Mangal didn’t stop here. She went onto launch MUrgency Inc, a mobile app that connects people in need of emergency medical help to the nearest doctor, nurse or paramedic.  

There are many such examples of passionate youngsters transforming industries hands down. They are fearless and their confidence is sky high. When a calamity strikes, instead of getting bogged down, they explore options to come up with a great solution. The best thing about them is that they are not hooked onto a common thing. They have different hobbies, different likes and dislikes, different expertise and different vision.

They know how to use latest technologies, high speed internet, social media and gadgets to decode uncharted paths and generate enormous opportunities for a bright future.